Hahner Twins Head For Rio Looking For Marathon Medals

Hahner Twins

Commentators at this year’s Olympic marathon are going to have more than just excessive temperatures (remember all those sweaty pundits at the World Cup?) possible street crime and the Zika Virus to contend with as simply recognizing the runners won’t be enough at the Marathon in Rio with a set of triplets and a set of twins running in the women’s event alone, but will the Hahner Twins get the better of the Luik Triplets? It’ll be interesting finding out.

Anna Hahner

  • Nationality – German
  • Age – 25
  • Sport – Marathon

Germans Anna and Lisa Hahner, the Hahner Twins, might be justified in thinking some of their Olympic thunder has been stolen by Leila, Liina and Lily Luik the triplets who will represent Estonia on the 26 mile race in Rio this summer. They’ll be the first triplets to take part at the Olympics and as such have garnered much attention (particularly from the photographers) pundits and statisticians not failing to mention how rare it is given Estonia is one of the smallest nations in the European Union.

The Hahner Twins are less significant, at least in terms of demographic statistics, but are no less driven towards their goal of gold at the Rio 2016 Olympics and indeed are likely to fare slightly better than the photogenic Luiks who are aiming at a top twenty finish if they’re good on the day. The Hahner Twins however are hoping German gambling news headlines will be of them with both of them running sub 2:30:00 times in qualification events Anna in Berlin, Lisa in Frankfurt despite a stress fracture that had hampered her.

Can The Hahner Twins Beat The Luiks Triplets?

Lisa Hahner

  • Nationality – German
  • Age – 25
  • Sport – Marathon

“The best part of running with a twin is you are never on your own,” explains Anna, her sister agreeing saying, “we share the same passion for the sport and I know if I am excited then Anna is excited too and that acts as extra motivation.” The Hahner Twins finishing each others sentiments seems natural enough for a pair that have often claimed an almost telepathic connection. “Sometimes all we need is to look at each other without saying a word.” Smiles Anna Hahner.

Luik triplets

Luik triplets (Photo: NBC)

“We can play games in the race,” She continues so confidently that it will make everyone who likes to bet on sports in Germany give the pair a punt at Bet365 come the Olympics, “We know which of us is running faster so one or the other can go to the front and play tactical games.” In a long race this can be a massive advantage and the Hahner Twins know it, but can they pull it off on the big stage? They certainly believe so and have trained hard ahead of the games.

Being A Twin Means Never Running On Your Own

Sometimes running as much as 230km a week the pair rack up the miles under famous (and perhaps even imfamous) coach Renato Canova who also guides the running legend that is Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia and indeed Florence Kiplagat who currently holds the world record for the half marathon. “He very much focuses on one day of really hard training followed by easy days and then a hard day again.” says Anna of the rigorous and intensive training regime the Hahner Twins have been subject to.

The course has a triple loop on the Avenue Infante Dom Henrique alongside the shore and Gloria and Flamengo districts, which might suit the Luiks Triplets, with the other portions of the course taking the runners as far as the Santos Dumont airport and provides a good long straight along Avenue President Vargas around the corner from the Sambodromo that hosts both start and finish. The question is should you take advantage of German gambling laws to back the Hahner Twins in Rio at Bet365? The answer is very probably.

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