Hampel is the One to Bet on Speedway European Championship 2018

Who will be named the best Speedway rider in Europe this year? Well, Jaroslaw Hampel’s Speedway European Championship 2018 odds are the best among 14 other permanent drivers!

Jaroslaw Hampel
Jaroslaw Hampel (source: Speedway Wiki)

The speedway drivers have already completed two races up until this point in the 2018 season. Online sportsbook news site in Poland reported two more to go with the upcoming one in Latvia and the final race in Poland on September 15, 2018. So let’s bet on Speedway European Championship 2018 before this date!

Jaroslaw Hampel’s Betting Odds

According to internet gambling sites in Poland, Jaroslaw Hampel has the lowest Speedway European Championship 2018 odds at 7/4. He should be anyone’s first wagering choice in this championship! We can forget about betting on last year’s champion, Andzejs Lebedevs (100/1). He is now ranked at rock bottom.

On the contrary, Hampel’s overall season classification is the best. The Polish driver is first on the standings at 25 points. It was remarkable that Hampel won the first round with 17 points out of maximum 18. So far, it’s the highest score in the race!

Naturally, I’m really happy with my performance. I hope that I will keep this high level in the upcoming rounds,” said Hampel. By keeping this standard up, he is on his way to become the 2018 Speedway European Champion.

A New Face Challenges Hampel

The Speedway European Championship 2018 betting odds also value Robert Lambert (4/1). For a debut permanent driver, his performance confirms that he is worthy of being a champion. After all, Lambert neatly beat Hampel in the second round. The English driver is Britain’s hope in speedway’s stage.

Lambert admitted that he tries to finish first in each round, but he is okay with placing Top 8 in the Speedway European Championship 2018. Although he has good skills, this statement is still a bit concerning since Lambert lacks the mentality of a competitive rider.

Hampel Could Be Overthrown by Leon Madsen

Leon Madsen
Leon Madsen (source: Twitter)

You might be surprised to hear that online sportsbooks in Poland estimate better betting odds for Leon Madsen (9/4) than Lambert. In all honesty, Madsen could even surpass Hampel even though he has yet to win a Speedway European Championship race in 2018. How is this possible?

The answer is the Danish rider has been consistent with scoring high points. This is why his overall score is 22 points, higher than Lambert and only 3 short of Hampel. Madsen said “There are still two rounds left. I’m currently second, so there’s a lot to fight for.

In addition, Madsen commented that the next track in Latvia would suit him better and he is ready for it. With this much optimism, why not also go for Madsen when betting on Speedway European Championship 2018?

Bet on Speedway European Championship 2018

The best drivers to bet on the Speedway European Championship 2018 are Jaroslaw Hampel (7/4) and Leon Madsen (9/4). Trailing behind them is Robert Lambert (4/1). At Unibet Sportsbook, you can place any speedway bet with these odds!

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