Hillary To Run And Win In 2016 Bets Buffett

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Warren Buffett has come out in support of Hillary Clinton for President not only saying she’ll run but that he’ll put money on her winning the White House.

It is just under a month till Americans go to the polls in the mid-term elections and so everyone in the US political system is closely focused upon the 2016 presidential race. It’s not that mid-term elections aren’t important in the US political system, it’s just with incumbents being re-elected over 90% of the time the mid-terms are noted for their voter apathy, low turn out and tendency to be a damp squib for commentators and participants alike.

Hillary Clinton Gets Buffett’s Backing

• Odds on Hillary winning 2016 presidential election 5/4

• Buffett willing to wager on it

• Republicans yet to find a candidate they like

Of course this year there’s a chance the Republicans will win back control of the Senate. This is mostly due to the energy of opposition that their inherent racism has brought to bear. Republicans lost out on the last presidential race because the nation had run short of “angry white men” and their revenge has been to do all in their power to make President Obama’s the second term as president the most stilted administration in history.

Their laying blame for everything at the feet of the President then subtly indicating all issues are because he’s a Kenyan fundamentalist Muslim who wants your guns so he can ban Christmas and kill the little baby Jesus has rendered US legislative politics a laughable joke that must go down awfully well in the nations to whom the US is constantly attempting to export freedom and democracyTM. It is a poor example being set.

However as the political system as a means of government grinds to a halt under the weight of Republican obstructionism born out of a desire to see the first black President of the United States get no credit whatsoever under any circumstances for anything at all, the system to elect the next President is just kicking into gear with candidates vying for position. The question is, when Obama steps down will the racist edge to the Republicans turn into a sexist one against Hillary?

Will Hillary Face Sexist Attacks During Presidential Race?

Those of you who like to bet on sports in the US will know that being aware of past team performance, likely team composition and the condition of the pitch will all be important factors in both setting the odds and deciding whether to wager or not. In same is true in politics and with Hillary Clinton looking more ready than ever to make another run at the White House some worry that a Republican party that has based a visceral hatred of the current President on being black will find it all too easy to attack Hillary for being a woman.

Hillary 2016 - GamingZion

Will Hillary face sexist attacks during presidential race?

As with the attacks on Obama the references will be oblique (calling him the food-stamp president and asking to see his birth certificate) but nonetheless significant, and whilst that might not stop Hillary winning the Presidency in 2016 it would almost certainly create the same logjam we see today in the US political classes. Having made such a fuss of what a bad choice Hillary will be, Republicans will find it hard, nay impossible, to work with her on anything without looking like hypocritical opportunists.

Some Republicans have attempted to shrug off this ridiculously childish style of political thinking. Chris Christie the notable example working with Obama’s administration closely to gain disaster relief for his state, and earning the ire of some hardline Republicans in the process. Whilst Democrats are almost certainly locked in on Hillary the Republicans still have a way to go before a clear candidate emerges, and Christie hopes to be amongst them.

Christie perhaps denotes the moderate wing of the Republican party but they’re not in the majority and as democrats stay home this November Republicans will likely turn out in force, encouraged by the psychotically hysterical hatred of Obama their party has pumped out over the last eight years. This will be in stark contrast to Democrats who have grown weary of Obama’s insistence on compromise with the obstructionists across the aisle that squandered a house majority.

Buffett Backs Hillary To Win

Hillary, of course, after Republican treatment of her husband, wouldn’t compromise with them if there were a gun to her head. This has become an awfully attractive trait to Democrats and some of the larger supporters of the party are willing to lay money on her winning in 2016. Warren Buffett, the larger-than-life billionaire philanthropist, has told Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit that not only does he believe she’ll run, and win, but he’s so sure of this he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is.

This bodes well for Hillary as Buffett backed both Bill Clinton and Obama in their runs, but with her appearance already more commented on than her opinions can this former first lady really expect anything other than a slow burn sexist sub-text from a Republican party fresh out of ideas and used to playing the blocking role at every opportunity? She may be gambling news outlets will highlight the unfairness of this, but she shouldn’t count on it.

Buffett was quick to point out that the Republican’s lack of a front running candidate meant it was as yet hard to predict how the election would pan out in content if not in result. “Her opponent will be whoever wins the Republican primary and there’s going to be a lot of people want to do it.” He said perhaps just slightly amused by the prospect of potential Republican candidates slowly eating each other in the run up to that final choice.

Online gambling sites in the US and around the world will give you odds on the 2016 Presidential race with Hillary Clinton sitting at about 5/4 on to win outright with the big man from New Jersey, Chris Christie, the nearest rival to her win at 9/1. Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush are hovering around the 10/1 mark and Rand Paul is back on 16/1. So if you believe the bookies and Buffett Hillary will be the next president but without control of congress to go with it there could be fireworks ahead that might make even Obama gasp.

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