How To Bet On Korean Reunification With Some Justification

You’d think the odds on the two Koreas getting back together would be rather lengthy. They are, after all, still at war. However, there must be something going on we don’t know about because the bookies are offering 2/1 on it happening by 2023. This seems overly optimistic, frankly. But, if you want to know how to bet on Korean reunification, here are seven plausible scenarios to justify your wager at Bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in Korea these days.

How To Bet On Korean Reunification

1. A Domestic Political Agreement

Anyone looking into how to bet on Korean reunification will see this as the most likely scenario. The two sides sit down, end the conflict, settle their political differences, form a national unity government, and request recognition. Getting all this done, and gaining UN approval, might seem a tall order in just a couple of years. However, you can always bet on diplomacy occurring behind the scenes and leading to the odd surprise move. Just look at Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

2. An Internationally Imposed Treaty

With 60% of the North Korean population living with “food insecurity” this sort of thing is only a bad harvest away. Forcing the sides together for humanitarian reasons might seem far-fetched but stranger things have happened. If the Chinese and Russians go for it, the UN could possibly pull this off. So if you want to know how to bet on Korean reunification without appearing ghoulish, there is at least one legitimate possibility. It even makes that 2/1 price at online betting sites in Korea looks generous.

3. A Coup-d’Etat In North Korea

North Korea’s weakness is its centralization. All the power is collected in one easily scooped up a handful of people. Should the North Korean military decide it wants better pay, conditions, weapons and standing in the world, they might oust the current leadership. You might dither about how to bet on Korean reunification, but a starving military won’t. They’ll bet it will feed them and kill anyone who tries to prevent it. Minds can be made to blindly obey, stomachs can’t. 

4. A Hostile Invasion

How To Bet On Korean Reunification
Anything can happen

The UN has, of course, tried this before. So why does this feature within these tips on how to bet on Korean reunification? Well, last time the North Koreans had plenty of assistance. This is unlikely to be the case this time. China thinks them dangerously embarrassing, and Russia is busy running America. Should the UN move in now, bet on the UN being able to sweep aside most resistance quite quickly. Hand out some noodles and they would be greeted with open arms. 

5. A High-Stakes Poker Game

This is one of those scenarios, if you’re investigating how to bet on Korean reunification, that seems a little bizarre. However any Korean gambling laws against gambling might prevent the elites from sitting down and playing, is mad. It’s one rule for them, another rule for everyone else. It does not take much imagination to picture Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in playing a game of cards for the future of the peninsula. They could play at that famous table in the DMZ, settle this once and for all.

6. A Small Nuclear War

Well look, no one said the South had to win. Should North Korea use its arsenal of nukes most of the peninsula could be an irradiated wasteland in hours. The UN might then just recognize it as being a single sovereign nation to assist with its inevitable aid program. Those exploring how to bet on Korean reunification might think this a bit bleak. It is. However given just how unpredictable the world is at present this is not, lamentably, beyond the realms of possibility. 

7. A Zombie Apocalypse

Given you can eat a bat in China and 167,000 people in another country an ocean away die, this is not as silly as it sounds. A localized zombie infestation would probably not halt at the 38th parallel. So the UN might, in response, consider North and South Korea as one entity again. This would make it easier to napalm. This will limit your ability to bet on sports in Korea at Bet365. There won’t really be one. But for those looking into how to bet on Korean reunification, it’s a gift.

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We take a look at how to bet on Korean reunification now the bookies are offering 2/1 on the UN recognizing it as a single nation by 2023.

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