How To Bet on Simulated Sports in 2020


Posted: September 23, 2020

Updated: September 23, 2020

  • Simulated sports betting is a popular option at sportsbooks
  • How to bet on virtual football or basketball? Read our guide

If you need a new football, basketball, or tennis betting experience, try to bet on simulated sports. This popular and modern gambling phenomenon is available at many sportsbooks at any time and has plenty of advantages. Let’s see why and where you can enjoy virtual sports betting to the hilt.

With the development of modern technology, online betting has become more diverse than ever. Only 25 years ago betting on sports via the Internet was just a dream – and now there are special sports games developed exclusively for it. Today, let’s see how virtual sports emerged, why it is popular in 2020, and where you can bet on it.

We have recently written about tips in betting on virtual football. Check the guide that is available at the online gambling news in Germany.

What are virtual sports?

First of all, let’s see what virtual (simulated) sports betting is. Virtual football, tennis, or any other kind of sport is a simulated version of the real game made exclusively for betting purposes. They are usually shorter than the real-life competitions, though they may follow the same topic. For example, virtual football betting at online gambling sites in Germany includes wagering on the World Cup, the Champions League, Bundesliga, or any other domestic championship.

Despite following one of the competitions mentioned above, virtual sports has a row of advantages. Firstly, it is available 24/7 and during offseasons as well. Basically, you can bet on simulated sports any time you want. Secondly, your odds are not affected by players’ injuries, biased refereeing, or weather conditions, so you have more chances to win. Finally, you don’t have to be an expert and learn statistics to improve your betting chances like in real sports.

How to bet on simulated sports?

Betting on virtual sports is quite easy. Once you decide to bet on football, for example, you have to find a betting site that offers it (like Betsafe). After choosing the league to follow, you will see which odds it has. They are usually the same as in real football betting and include The Winner, Correct Score, Asian handicaps, Over/Under 2.5 Goals, Double Chance. If you have bet on football at least once, you will quickly understand what to do.

bet on simulated sports
Virtual sports bets can be extremely rewarding

Once you place a bet, you will watch a short virtual match. The result of the game is defined by an unbiased computer program. If your team wins, you will get your winnings too, if not – try your luck again.

All kinds of simulated sport you can bet on

Nowadays, there are several kinds of simulated sports betting, so every sports fan can find something to follow. Here are all kinds of virtual sports you can bet at online sportsbooks in Germany:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Ice hockey
  • Horse racing
  • Dog racing
  • Cycling
  • Motorsports

If you see your favorite competition on the list, hurry up to see the best sites to bet on simulated sports.

Where to bet on simulated sports – best sites

In 2020, there are many sportsbooks and gambling sites that offer betting on virtual sports. It is not surprising as they need to attract more visitors and giving an opportunity to bet on football or tennis 24/7 is a good reason to join the party.

Among others, you can bet on virtual sports at Betsafe Sportsbook. This betting site has many options to wager on, starting from football and ending with racing. Moreover, you can choose different competitions in each kind of sport. For example, you can follow the World Championship, the UCL, or domestic leagues if you are a football fan. Just visit the “Virtual Sports” section on the website and enjoy betting on virtual sports!

In addition, Betsafe Sportsbook is one of the easiest sites to navigate and use. It has plenty of deposit and withdrawal options as well as the support of many languages. If you are looking for alternatives, 1xBET and Bet365 Sportsbook also offer simulated sports betting in 2020.

Click here to visit the Betsafe Sportsbook

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