How to Bet the Middle: Winning Both Sides of a Bet 

  • How to bet the middle? What is middling?
  • It is a common strategy when betting on football
  • Learn middling to make major profits on your favourite game!
how to bet the middle

Have you ever heard of a way to profitably bet on both teams to win the same game? We call it betting the middle, or middling. And when everything lines up just right, it can be one of the best opportunities in sports betting. In this article, we break down step by step how to bet the middle, and start using it for betting on sports. 

The definition of the middle is “equally distant from the extremes,” according to Merriam Webster dictionary. Betting a middle (also known as “middling”) is a sports betting strategy that makes the most out of a change in point spreads, odds, and totals. For this, it is important to understand line movement in sports betting, of which we have a full article to check out!

What is betting the middle?

Betting the middle has to do with point spread bets and it’s most commonly used for betting on the NFL. For this, online sportsbooks in the US like Bovada is a great site. The key for betting the middle is to find different point spreads for the same game. A point spread in sports is a way for oddsmakers to make a matchup between two unbalanced teams more balanced by giving points to or taking points away from each team. You can find different spreads by searching different casinos and sportsbooks but most often you’ll find them one sportsbook adjusts its betting lines over time.If the difference between the spreads is big enough you can use it to set up a situation where you can win bets on both teams in a single game.

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How to bet the middle: Step by step

As we have mentioned above, betting the middle is for point spread bets. You can also observe how point spreads change on any online gambling sites in the US that you prefer. We break down this explanation on the upcoming NFL games featured on Bovada sportsbook. Looking at Oakland Raiders and Carolina Panthers, here is how a spread can look like and change. For example, the beginning point spread is -3.5 for the Oakland Raiders and +3.5 for the Carolina Panthers. Also, both teams are listed with odds of -110. That means the Oakland Raiders must win by at least four points to cover the spread. The Jaguars can either win or lose by three or fewer points to cover the spread. You choose to put $110 on the Carolina Panthers to potentially win $100 in profit.

how to bet the middle
He just won with the middle!

Later in the week, you might see that the sportsbook has adjusted the line. Now the spread is -2.5 for the Raiders and +2.5 for the Panthers. Now you decide to put $110 on the Oakland Raiders. While it may seem like that you bet against your first wager, let us show you the possible outcomes. Since this could actually work out in your favour.

Your outcome when placing bets on both sides

If the Oakland Raiders cover the spread you lose the bet on the Carolina Panthers and overall lose $10 because of the sportsbook’s commission. The same thing happens if the Carolina Panthers cover the spread. However, if the Oakland Raiders win the game by exactly three points, you would win the first bet on the Panthers at +3.5. And also, your second bet on the Oakland Raiders at -2.5.

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The number between the two different point spreads is what we call the middle, and when you look for and find this situation, it can be very profitable. In this example, you will risk $10 to potentially win $200. When you learn how to bet the middle, you are in for a long term strategy. Most likely, the majority of the time you will lose a little bit of money, like in this 10 dollar example. On the other hand, when you win, you win a lot. Basically, it is a low downside with a very big upside.

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