How to Earn Money with Chess Online: Complete Guide and Best Options


Posted: March 3, 2021

Updated: March 3, 2021

  • Chess can be quite profitable for players and betters alike
  • Find a detailed guide on required skillsets, best pages to follow and betting tips for chess
  • Learn how to earn money with chess online while developing your own skills

When exploring online chess, you will quickly find that there are several ways to earn money with the game of great minds. Chess is truly a form of art where strategy, intellect, creative vision and problem-solving meet. Luckily, there are various platforms online where you can practice for free. Enter multiplayer tournaments to start earning money, and also bet on professional players! This article guides you through the do’s and don’ts of the online chess community and explores safe ways to help you figure out how to earn money with chess online. 

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When did chess develop? The origins of this game can be traced back nearly 1500 years, assumed that precursors to chess originated in India. The simple board hides a game that requires great skills and fascinated many over time. While the popular Netflix series, the Queen’s Gambit inspired younger generations, the development of great chess skills usually happens with a lot of practice and observation over time. To figure out how to earn money with chess online, first, you need to review your skills because chess can be brutal. We break down skills, practice platforms, the most important multiplayer platforms, options to earn money with your game and betting options offered by Unibet Sportsbook on professional chess tournaments. 

Requirements to enter the chess world 

Whether you play live or online chess can be easily broken down into some essential skills that any player should work on. Not to mention, that the skills and way of thinking chess requires is also a big plus in everyday life. Chess club or chess camp of course happened for a reason at school. It develops not only strategic thinking but quick reasoning and the ability to calmly solve problems. Who wouldn’t want to implement such skills into their everyday life? We often have trouble concentrating and chess can be a great way to learn how to focus on a specific problem for a longer period of time. The question is, how can we work on what chess requires? Commitment is necessary of course, but luckily online chess enthusiasts have a wide-spread community where you can practice on various platforms. Nevertheless, the introduction to chess starts with problem-solving. 

How to Earn Money with Chess Online
You don’t have to be a grand-master to earn on chess

How to learn and improve skills to earn money with chess online 

When given a complex problem, many of us get lost in the details and lack the ability to focus. To practice, playing as many games as possible is a good way. It may be tiring, but the more complex problems presented to you, the better you will become at adapting to them. Moreover, after playing enough games you will start realising patterns, which is another big element of the chess skillset. Recognizing different patterns allow you not only to stop making the same mistakes but to foresee possible scenarios and reflect on previous successful, or in fact unuseful decisions. To come up with multiple solutions, creative problem solving is essential. This is why practice makes perfect since often you have to be brave and try something ambitious just to see how it plays out. 

In chess, creativity should be combined with strategic thinking. It may be the most important element since you have to envision multiple outcomes in a very short period of time, and quickly reason which is the most logical step. The ability to stay calm and learn from your mistakes is very important. Difficult as it is, chess should not be about getting emotional. Learn from your mistakes, take notes, and review what went wrong. When you lose, take it as an opportunity to learn and improve rather than experiencing defeat. 

Getting familiar with the right sites is how pros will earn money with chess online 

Getting familiar with sites where you can practice your skills playing chess is the next time to learn how to earn money with chess online. To master one of the world’s most popular board games, the safest way to start with free online chess clubs. is the number one site to practice and learn, you can pick to play other players or computers. Moreover, you have the option to solve specific problems if you don’t feel like going through a whole game. They provide various educational material, and also a community chat to discuss, analyse and improve. 

Lichess is also recommended for the same reasons. Invite a friend and you can practice together while having fun with no risks. To up your game, visiting The Internet Chess Club is where you meet more skilled chess enthusiasts. We advise starting getting into ICC only when you have more experience since it is a site with a membership fee. Simultainisouly, Chessable is a place to learn. They offer courses and teach you new methods and strategies. Chessable believes in learning through repetition, therefore it is a great way to target reappearing problems in your games. With the full version, you can analyse your games and specifically focus on your weak moments. 

How to Earn Money with Chess Online
Earn money without becoming a chess-master

Know where to spot professionals play 

Online sportsbooks in the UK feature tournaments where professional minds collide. The Wolrd Chess Championship is the biggest tournament and is played to determine the world champion in chess. The current world champion is Magnus Carlsen of Norway. You can follow the Candidates Tournament 2021 on  Unibet Sportsbook, which is an eight-player chess double round-robin tournament to decide the challenger for the World Chess Championship 2021. The winner will earn the right to challenge the defending world champion, Magnus Carlsen. Betting on the championship is, of course, the elite level. It happens every two years, and it is definitely interesting to follow to know how to earn money with chess online. 

Following the games of players who enter the championship is a great way to wager on chess. In general, live-streamed games are great to follow and learn. Chess 24 to be up to date with chess games is another site we recommend. Of course, no one starts as a candidate for the World Championship. While competitors can win a fair amount of money for the games, most people start playing for clubs and hence receive money. 

How to earn money with chess online by betting 

While mastering your own skills with the above-mentioned sites and suggestions, if you are eager to learn how to earn money with chess online, take a look at betting options of professionals. A number of online sportsbook sites in the UK present major chess games, namely Unibet Sportsbook let you wager from the most prestigious to smaller tournaments. A previous guide is also here to help you when you are thinking about starting wagering on chess. As established, chess is easy to learn but not easy to play. However, it is definitely not as difficult to bet on. Another recommendation is to learn about the Elo Rating System.

Elo ratings are a numerical way to rank the skill level of various competitors. It is based on their performance as well as the relative skill level of their opponents. The idea is that beating a tougher opponent should give you more points than beating an easier opponent. The better the opponent, the more points you will score. Hungarian American chess player and physics professor Arpad Elo originally developed Elo ratings as a chess rating system in 1960. By 1970, the World Chess Federation, FIDE formally adopted the Elo Rating System to rank Chess players.

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