How To Gamble Online With Your Family This Holiday Season

In order to survive and enjoy the ordeal of the holiday period this year you might need to know how to gamble online with your family for your own amusement.

How To Gamble Online

A lot of families will spend Christmas gathered around the laptop this year. Communicating with distant relatives via the internet. This will pose numerous technical challenges, but will also present some opportunities. You may now need to know how to gamble online with your family. Not only can you teach your kids a few facts of life, but have a little fun into the bargain. A bet on sports in the UK at Bet365 can spice up Boxing Day, but here are some bets you can make with each other to give Xmas Day a thrill. 

1. Most Festive Background

In these all too vapid days this is an easy inclusion on our list of how to gamble online with your family this Christmas. You’ll see those huddled around the kitchen table, those showing just their face, and some who’ll go the whole hog. Tree, tinsel, Rudolf with flashing nose, the full shebang. Guessing ahead of time who will have put that much thought into a Skype/Zoom/Facebook call is great fun. Get the kids involved. It will surprise you how young they can spot a shallow show-off.  

2. Stupidest Christmas Outfit

There’s a tradition of turning up at the pub Christmas afternoon in all the ridiculous garments you got. The pub might be off the menu but those examining how to gamble online with their families will spot this as a winner. From bad knitwear to horrid socks, from inappropriate jackets to dodgy strides, get ‘em all out. Online betting sites in the UK might give you odds on the BBC SPOTY awards, but this will make you laugh more. You can even plan ahead with your gift choices…

How To Gamble Online
I love Christmas with my family – Mostly the ones that I can’t remember at all


3. Who Will Lose Connection Most Often

Perhaps taking the phrase how to gamble online with your family a little too literally, this is a must. Computers and networks are fickle beast at the best of times. With such a high volume of traffic, it’s inevitable not everyone will get the best of service. Guessing which of your relatives will have the hardest time remaining connected is a nice innocent piece of fun. Obviously, the more rural residents will probably suffer worst, but don’t count on it to get rid of Aunty Jean.

4. Start Of The First Argument (To The Nearest Minute)

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a good argument. Families, unable to play board games with each other this year, need other issues to cause them. Predicting to the closest minute when is an easy lesson in how to gamble online with your family. Just write down the times for each player ahead of time. The winner doesn’t have to eat their sprouts. Anyone in the UK gambling laws of family dynamics will somehow not apply online as they do in the real world is conning themselves.

5. Who Will Get The Most Drunk

Someone always does. Without the proximity of others to remove the bottles this year, it’s inevitable. Indeed likely to be more prevalent. But can you guess which of your friends and relatives will get the most tanked on your Christmas net-call? I’m sure you’ve already thought of some likely candidates. They’re the ones that did precisely the same on your sofa last year. That’s why this is on our list of how to gamble online with your family, it’s a new spin on a traditional game.

How To Gamble Online
Belief – The most important thing you need to survive holidays

6. Who Will Rage Quit (And Why)

So, this one is new. It’s hard to storm out of a Christmas gathering. Too drunk to drive it’s cold out there. So apart from a bit of door slamming, people were stuck with each other. Not so now. This is on our list of how to gamble online with your family because it’s unique to the online world. Can you guess which of the group will simply rant, rave and quit out to sulk or fume before the others? You get extra points if you can guess not only whom but why as well ahead of time.  

7. Most Embarrassing Sound Heard On An Unmuted Mic

Another new entry you won’t find odds on at Bet365. Online sportsbook sites in the UK do not offer odds on such things. However, given the inexperience of some net-users you may communicate with this Xmas, this gets on our list of how to gamble online with your family. Forgetting to mute your mic (or muting it and forgetting you have) is commonplace. Cameras can be fixed to see only one thing, mics pick up everything. Just whose will pick up what this Christmas?

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We take a look at how to gamble online with your family over the holidays.

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