How to Get Away from Scammers in 2021


Posted: March 17, 2021

Updated: March 17, 2021

  • Often, in the pursuit of easy money, players become victims of scammers
  • To avoid this, you need to understand where the trick may be hiding and know the main fraud schemes in online casinos
  • In this article, we will tell you how to get away from scammers in 2021

Coming to the casino, gamblers hope for luck and expect to get a big win. However, the goodwill of fortune is not always the decisive factor. Often, in the pursuit of easy money, players become victims of scammers. To avoid this, you need to understand where the trick may be hiding and know the main fraud schemes in online casinos. In this article, we will tell you how to get away from scammers in 2021.

Online casino fraud: What is it?

In order not to fall for the trick of scammers, you need to be attentive and careful even before the start of the game. Logical analysis and sober assessment will help to avoid uncomfortable situations when money is stuck on some suspicious site and it is not known whether it will be possible to get it. There are several basic signs of outright deception. Moreover, they will show you if it is dangerous to gamble on such a resource:

  • Lack of license;
  • Script slots;
  • Inconvenient navigation, interface problems;
  • The prohibitive amount of ads, pop-ups;
  • Loading too slow with interruptions.

However, it happens that scammers successfully disguise themselves, trying to fool inexperienced users. Sometimes they make an attractive design, fictitious documents confirming the license, or pass off their sites as well-known and reliable casinos. This is a so-called scamming – theft, where they fake brands of popular resources. For this, they create sites very similar to the original ones. They are used as a platform for collecting the personal data of players and embezzling funds from their accounts. Therefore, we recommend you to gamble only on trustworthy online gambling sites in the USA.

If you have the slightest suspicion, it is better not to register and not make deposits. Moreover, you should clarify all the nuances and write to the owners of the original casinos. As for new and unfamiliar resources, there are several ways to find out if they can be trusted. These include the mandatory verification of the license, software, and conditions according to which the casino interacts with the user. We hope that our tips will show you how to get away from scammers in 2021.

how to get away from scammers in 2021
Always follow the laws

How to get away from scammers in 2021: Choosing a licensed casino

There are several jurisdictions where permits are issued to operate online casinos. It is good if the resource has documents confirming the license. However, it is always better to verify their authenticity. In most cases, this is quite simple to do with the help of special sites, where all licensees are present. Besides, here the player can find support in controversial situations. For example, the US license is easy to check at the Gambling Commission. This is a regulator that reliably protects the rights of the client. If you have problems with licensed casinos, you can write complaints directly there. This is a complete list of jurisdictions that are easy to check online:

  • Great Britain;
  • Isle Of Man;
  • Gibraltar;
  • Malta;
  • Alderney;
  • Kahnawake.

As for the minimum licenses, there may be problems with the verification of documents from Costa Rica and Curacao. There is no official resource where you can get an answer quickly. You can write to representatives of the jurisdiction and ask for confirmation. Fraudsters often use these locations. However, this does not mean that the licensees of Curacao and Costa Rica are all dishonest. You just have to be aware that the site has other obvious problems with this permission. For example, games of suspicious origin.

Online gambling has indeed grown in popularity over the past decade. However, it is still largely unregulated. Unfortunately, the lack of government regulation makes the industry vulnerable to predators. On this basis, many fraudulent casinos have arisen to hunt players who have not conducted their research on the reliability of the casino. Therefore, we recommend that you visit the Bovada Casino which is a reliable platform to gamble. Following tips will help you get away from scammers.

Check the complaints section

We strive to help players find the right place to play. There is a simple solution. Indeed, take a moment to browse our review pages. They are based on real facts and we judge a casino by how it has treated its players in the past. Therefore, casinos that have proven their value by being friendly to players and partners receive the Verified mark. On the other hand, if the casino is exhibiting fraudulent behavior, it will be blacklisted. 

how to get away from scammers in 2021
Stay safe!

If you have any concerns about the casino, whether it’s withdrawals, bonus terms, slow payouts, or whatever, you can always check our casino complaints section and see what’s going on. We strive to ensure that players are treated with respect and that they get the casino experience they deserve. Therefore, one way to do this is by researching the stories of other players and, naturally, being able to file your complaint. Also, learn more about How Money Laundering Works In Online Gambling from our article to understand how to get away from scammers in 2021.

Look for content theft: How to get away from scammers in 2021

If the administration of an online casino cannot even create a website without copying words and images from others, why do you think they will pay you? Therefore, always do thorough research before joining any new online casino. Most likely, if a dubious casino operator copies the content of a reputable casino, they will forget to change something. If a casino refers to itself by the name of another casino or uses images from another casino, the casino has likely stolen the content from a reputable establishment. This illegal action should be a bright red flag. Indeed, stay away from it. Better visit one of the trustworthy online casinos in the USA!

Check the license validator

Most questionable online casinos will use a licensing jurisdiction that doesn’t care about player concerns or business ethics. As we mentioned before, the strictest regulatory bodies include the UK, Gibraltar, Alderney, and the Isle of Man. Therefore, most casinos licensed in any of these jurisdictions are already well established. If you come across a new casino claiming one of these licenses, be skeptical. Be skeptical about any license claims. The icon at the bottom of the website indicating the licensing jurisdiction should point directly to the validation page with the casino name on it. If this did not happen (there is no link under the licensor’s logo and you could not go anywhere), proceed with caution. Learn more about The Difference Between Licensed And Fake Gambling Software and how to get away from scammers in 2021 from our article.

How to get away from scammers in 2021: Ask the support team a few basic questions

how to get away from scammers in 2021
How do you imagine a scammer?

Indeed, it is always best to check the support service before starting to play at an online casino. Think about it; it is much better to know right away that they are incompetent than when you hit the jackpot or have trouble withdrawing funds. Therefore, ask them about promotions, signing up for newsletters, banking options, choosing online slots, or whatever else comes to your mind. In addition to useful information, you can search for automatic irrelevant replies. If the support team does not provide you with personalized information, this is a strong signal that customer satisfaction is not a priority for the casino. Prestigious establishments make sure that they have polite and reliable professionals. If they cannot answer the most basic questions, then it is better to change the casino. The support team of the Bovada Casino is always there for you. Check it out yourself!


Read the T&C

This is unambiguous and it should be emphasized. Indeed, you should never join an online casino without first reading the Terms and Conditions inside and out. After a while (having studied several such documents and sketched an eye), it becomes obvious which information can simply be quickly viewed and which should be read carefully. Pay special attention to dishonest and outright extortionate T&C provisions. Moreover, casinos should be very specific and not use general terms such as those below when regulating their business. Therefore, make sure there are no unclear wagering rules. Also, check if the withdrawal period is reasonable in case of a big win and other significant requirements.

In fraudulent casinos, the scheme for obtaining bonuses is also often very confused and complicated. The lack of transparent information on such issues in T&C should be alarming. The fact is that in proven and reliable casinos, reference files are always available to customers. Meanwhile, any ambiguities with the accrual or payment of winnings are promptly clarified by the same technical support. Learn more about How Scammers Play Roulette In Casinos and how to get away from scammers in 2021. Or simply visit one of the reliable online casinos in the USA to have real fun without side thoughts.

How to get away from scammers in 2021: DYOR

If you want to make sure all your tails are covered, you can’t go wrong with a search engine query. However, many people don’t know how to research casinos effectively. Just enter the name of the casino and hundreds of affiliate pages will open. On them, the overwhelming majority will praise everything that the average affiliate can reach. Instead, you should search for queries such as “(casino name) complaints”, “(casino name) problems” or “(casino name) scammer” and see if you have any matches. If so, read the pages and see if there is objective evidence that the casino is untrustworthy.

What actions should be taken if you stumbled upon a fraudulent site or even registered on it and cannot withdraw money in any way? Of course, you can try to establish contact with representatives of the institution, try to resolve everything peacefully. If we are talking about large losses, then it will not be superfluous to report to the relevant authorities. It is also worth contacting international organizations and bodies regulating the activities of casinos. If we are talking about a legal gambling resource, to independent regulatory organizations such as eCOGRA. You can also write to the provider with whom the online institution works if it comes to certified software and winnings with its help.

Otherwise, it is better to choose a reliable platform such as the Bovada Casino. Good luck!

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