How To Make Money On Live Stream Slot Play

  • Video streaming is becoming popular in different areas including online gambling.
  • Twitch and YouTube are the most popular platforms for broadcasting the gameplay.
  • In this article, we will discuss how to make money on live stream slot play.
make money on live stream slot play

Recently, an increasing number of viewers have chosen to spend time watching online broadcasts, rather than regular user-uploaded videos. Nowadays, video streaming is developing by leaps and bounds and covers new thematic areas including online gambling. It may seem weird that someone is interested in watching other people play online poker or spin slots in online casinos. However, the atmosphere of excitement, the big wins, and the chatting with streamers quickly found their audience. In our article, we have decided to find out how to make money on live stream slot play.

Indeed, with the help of streams, you can learn how to gamble yourself. As a result, thousands of people watch YouTube and Twitch broadcasts on online gambling. The streamers themselves have different goals. Poker players most often in this way advertise the poker rooms they represent. Some gamblers use online broadcasts as a technique to discipline their game while others stream for self-promotion. Moreover, this opportunity can double your earnings. Thus, you not only win money while gambling in one of the online casinos in the USA but also from the stream itself. So what is the basis for the earnings of live stream slot play?

Make money on live stream slot play: Advertising

Slot streams are beneficial for the casino itself. This is an axiom. When the viewer watches the streamer play, one unwillingly recharges the atmosphere of excitement from gambling. The result is an interest in playing in a particular online casino. In turn, the enterprising streamer will not miss the opportunity to earn extra money. Moreover, it’s stupid not to get a little profit from a casino in which you play online in front of hundreds, and sometimes thousands of viewers.

make money on live stream slot play
Make money!

This is a very real way to make money. However, the earnings from advertising are not the same everywhere. Sometimes these are stable payments for regular advertising, and sometimes for the number of new players attracted by the streams. Besides, some are happy with bonuses and cashback or earn on the game itself.

Indeed, earnings by attracting new users as a partner (affiliate) of a casino or poker room are the most common. Surely you have noticed that in the descriptions for the broadcasts there are links to the registration page in the casino. These are almost always referral links. However, it is impossible to say how much one can earn on such cooperation. Casino partners hide their working conditions. Are you interested to find this out and make money on live stream slot play? Then learn How To Play Slots, visit one of the online casinos in the USA and start streaming!

Donation profit from live stream slot play

This phenomenon is more familiar with broadcasting computer games. Here people look at the streamers and give them money to voluntarily support the broadcast. Usually, it is not a popular way how to make money on live stream slot play. However, this does not mean that donations for online gambling cannot be earned. Profit in this way is obtained by the most charismatic streamers. They collect money as a deposit for their next broadcast or for an interesting thing about which a separate stream will go on later.

How much donations streamers of slots get you can calculate by carefully following the broadcast. However, this figure is very individual from mere cents to a couple of hundred dollars per stream. Usually, donations for online gambling streamers are just an additional way to earn money but not the main one. In any case, it’s worth trying it. Just learn about Online Slot Strategies and start broadcasting your gameplay in the Intertops Casino.

Account monetization

A streamer can resort to such a source of profit only after receiving a large number of subscribers and viewers on his account. This allows you to enter into a partnership agreement with the platform on which the channel exists to receive money from each broadcast. However, the most popular platforms like Twitch and YouTube work differently in this regard.

Make money on live stream slot play: Monetization of the YouTube account

The most popular video hosting platform in the world offers earnings on the number of views, on clicks on advertising, and in some other ways. Most of the profit comes from advertising. How much of it will be on the channel is decided by the streamer himself. Usually, excessive advertising can push away the audience. However, profit from monetization of the YouTube account depends not only on the type of advertising and its volume but also on the quality of the content, its theme, relevance, the number of subscribers and views.

make money on live stream slot play
Start spinning

To collect sample earnings statistics, 10 channels broadcasting video with slots each of 1,000 subscribers were investigated. As a result, it turned out that monetization of a channel on YouTube can bring from $ 15 to $ 1,300 or from $ 21 to $ 31,000. The average figure for 10 channels studied was $ 240 per month or $ 2,900 per year. Keep in mind that this income is only from monetization, and there is also a casino advertisement, referral links, and winnings from playing slots themselves.

How much does Twitch account monetization bring?

The principle of work of Twitch is different. Here, they receive money from advertising (an average of $ 3.5 per 1,000 views) as well, but there are other ways to increase financial benefits. The price of paid subscriptions is common on Twitch (about $ 5 per month). The streamer receives half this amount, the rest goes into the pocket of the streaming service. How much the owner of the Twitch account can make money on live streams slot play cannot be calculated. Usually, the number of paid subscriptions is not displayed openly.

According to statistics, out of 1,000 subscribers, there are 10 to 100 paid subscribers. It depends on the quality and relevance of the content and the popularity of the streamer. So, a channel with 1,000 subscribers can receive an average of $ 25 to $ 250 per month from them. Indeed, here casino players earn about the same amount as on YouTube. Besides, you can start streaming your gameplay in the Intertops Casino on both platforms and make more money.

To sum it up

Casino advertising, donations, and channel monetization are the three main ways to make money on live stream slot play. But, in theory, other ways can be found to increase your income. The most charismatic and sought-after streamers earn a lot of money on their accounts. Unfortunately, both on YouTube and on Twitch, there is great competition from video bloggers and e-sports players. Therefore, there are no super-large profits on streaming slots. However, as the form of additional earnings to your winnings, it turns out not bad. Therefore, it’s high time to visit the Intertops Casino and start streaming. Good luck!

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