Online Slots Strategy

  • Ignore all the old gambling fallicies and myths
  • Decide what type of player you are before you start
  • Learn the differences between the various machines
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The very idea that there could possibly be some sort of strategy involved in the playing of slots, let alone online slots, appears to be totally bonkers. But, if you put some time and effort into finding a game play style that suits you, along with taking note of the payouts, then you might surprise yourself at your chances of turning a profit. Along with having a great time.

Introduction: Online Slots Strategy

When you start it’s important to leave any preconceived ideas at the front door. There are so many fallacies and myths about gambling that they can actually hinder your game strategy. It’s important to remain rational otherwise you’ll have problems deciding exactly what system is most suited to your particular style. After this comes the selection of the type of online machine you want to play, along with how to manage your playing money.

Common Fallacies

There are so many fallacies concerning online slots that it can be rather difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. Here are some of the most common ones we found via online casino news from the US.

‘I’m due a win’

No you’re not! Remember that each spin is totally independent of the previous ones. Each machine is equipped with a random generator with set probabilities. So, repeat after me, the chance of a win is the same with every spin.

‘It’s ready to pay’

Sorry, but waiting around for some unlucky punter to fill a machine and then walk away, only for you to step in and within a few spins have a win, are just part of your imagination. It doesn’t matter how high the jack pots are or whether the game is very popular, the payout will come at random. Keep in mind that the house has a built-in edge.

 Online Slots Strategy, online slots, online gambling, gambling, online slots, play slots, slot machines, Gamingzion.com
Playing online slots

‘I know a cheat’

This is not an online slots strategy ! Back in the day there were always rumors of cheats. Everything you can imagine. Whether holding three sevens, nudging the machine twice before you hit spin….if you can think of it, then there’s always someone to claim that it’s true. Well, sorry to tell you, but these are the gambling equivalent of old wives tales. Today there are teams of testers and either mechanics or programmers whose job is to stop any flaws from passing through.

Online Slots Strategy: Myths

These myths are not going to help anyone’s online slots strategy. Maybe when mechanical slot machines were in their infancy, there were various work-a-rounds and tricks to enable a certain payout. But with advances in technology, such things have been confined to the dustbin of history. Here are some of those old chestnuts.


Perhaps there was a time when a machine would pay out when it was full. but hanging around waiting for other gamblers to fill up the machine before stepping in and gaining all the glory is not going to happen today. Now all machines run on random number generators (RNS’s).


In the days of small town arcades during the 70’s and 80’s, there was always talk of various methods you could surreptitiously employ to empty a machine. Not any more. Whatever methods might of worked in the past will most definitely not work now.

Hot/Cold Machines

As already noted, machines all run using RNG’s. So, the results are also absolutely random. Yes, of course you might have a lucky run, by playing at Bovada Casino for example, but the chances are the same as having an unlucky run.

Playing Style

There are really three questions you should ask yourself before you start as the answered will decide what style you should best employ for optimal results.

  • Are you patient?
  • Do you want to spend big?
  • How long do you want each gaming session to last?


A patient player is one who doesn’t throw a hissy fit if the wait between payouts is long. This player is happy to play long stints. Often games with progressive jackpot are more suited to this style of play. bigger wins, but over a longer period of time. An impatient player is better suited to the type of game that pays out more regularly, but with smaller pots. Because these games are usually low to medium priced, they can offer a lot of extras, like random throws and bonuses. These are not the games for those seeking big wins.

If you have a lot of time to play and enjoy extended sessions, then going for a low pot game is going to be your best choice. Remember that with these types of games that the bonuses are where the big money is lurking. Big jackpots are more of a rarity. So your earning potential is good, but over a longer period of time. This is a good online slots strategy as you’re essentially building up your winnings with smaller amounts.

Online Slots Strategy: Machines

Now we’ve got all those fallacies and machine myths out the way, simply keep in mind that these online gaming machines are pre-programmed. They will hold a certain % for the house. You cannot change that fact. But there are some strategies that can tip lady luck in your favor. First of all, you’ll be needing to choose the right machine. Let’s have a look,

Video Slots

These are essentially video versions of the old mechanical slot machines. They often feature bonus games and special ways to win. They can be quite complex. All tend to have regular payouts and more importantly, all offer great fun to play.

Jackpot Slots

These are just like a video slot. But the big difference is that they tend to have fewer fancy games and much bigger payouts. To that end, keep in mind that the payouts are going to be less regular. These are good to play if you’re experimenting with money management strategies. have a look through these online casino sites in the US.

 Online Slots Strategy, online slots, online gambling, gambling, online slots, play slots, slot machines, Gamingzion.com

Progressive Slots

With progressive slots, a number of machines are linked together. They each take a small % of each bet and add it to a cumulative jack pot. So, though the payouts are much less, there’s always the chance of a pretty massive payout. In fact, when ever you hear about someone winning millions at a slot machine, the chances are that it’s a progressive machine.


In larger casinos a number of different machines can be connected to run a tournament. This works by a number of players who play through a fixed number of credits, but within a certain time frame. All winnings are set aside and the biggest pot win gets to take home all the cash. With this you’ll need to be on your toes, as speed and focus are essential, along with making the most of you credits.

Money Management

The idea is to maximize your money, have a good time and leave with some winnings. To that end, it’s important that you set a limit which will help dictate the way you play. Lets say that you decide to spend $25 for 100 spins on a 25 cent slot machine. It follows that the more spins you have, the greater the possibility of a win. but if you decide to switch machines when you’re up, then this maybe a good way to hang on to some of those winnings and leave the casino with some extra cash in your pocket.

Conclusion: Online Slots Strategy

At the end of the day, once you know how slots work and knowing how much you want to stake, you’ll be able to have a good time playing slots. A key point is setting a budget and then sticking to it. Whatever you do, if you’re having a losing streak, please don’t be tempted to fall back onto those old gambling fallacies. this is the guaranteed way to empty your wallet in a panic. Also, have a look for some online free slots. Then have a spin and find the game that suits you best before you venture into the casino like Bovada Casino.

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