How To Run An Illegal Casino In And Around Canada

A lot of people will feel they instinctively know how to run an illegal casino in Canada. Remain polite, serve Molson and don’t run out of syrup or bacon. Simple stuff. However recent events have proved it’s not as easy as it appears. So, for those of you tempted away from the safety of online sportsbook sites in Canada like Bet365, we take a look at the inner-workings of this very necessary social service. We’ll help you getting the basics straight and avoiding the big pitfalls.

How To Run An Illegal Casino

1. Buy A Mansion

This will be perhaps the easiest part of learning how to run an illegal casino. Suitable premises can vary from old industrial units to modern office space. The very best, however, is a sprawling mansion of some sort in a well-to-do part of town. The sort of place you could imagine Hugh Hefner thinking was a tad gaudy, for preference. You’ll need a budget $10m if you’re going to buy it. If not a flexible landlord who is willing to turn a blind eye will be very advantageous.

2. Get Some Slots & Tables

Obviously, if you’re going to help people skirt Canadian gambling laws, you’re going to need the right equipment. Start by getting some video slot machines, gaming tables, and all their associated accouterments. This will involve a serious outlay for good quality, but it will be worth its cost. Likewise, it’ll probably be worth getting them delivered and installed discretely. Indeed one of the first rules to knowing how to run an illegal casino is keeping a low profile wherever possible. 

3. Obtain $1.5m Worth Of Booze

People like to drink when they gamble, and they love to gamble when they drink. This is a win-win situation you should be only too happy to cater for. You’ll need a wide selection of drinks and beverages for your patrons to choose from. Adequate bar staff will also be a definite plus. Remember this is Canada so you’ll need, alongside the high-class cocktail ingredients, to keep a stock of beers. Champagne should be available, although the quality need not be the very best.

How To Run An Illegal Casino
Alcohol also a great tool to escape your problems

4. Open Rooms Up To Rent

One of the benefits of learning how to run an illegal casino using a mansion is accommodation. There’s always somewhere for people to stay. This turns your ho-hum illegal gambling den into a resort. There’s no need to offer all the trimmings. Bed and breakfast will be enough. People are there to gamble not to fawn over your chef. No one logs on to online betting sites in Canada like Bet365 to find out the time. Similarly, no one goes to an illegal casino to eat specialist foods. 

5. Employ Some Prostitutes

Those just setting out to learn how to run an illegal casino often overlook this very basic step. It might seem morally repugnant but the customer is always right and many of them will wish to get laid. Providing a safe environment in which this can happen may also prolong your patron’s visits. Viagra certainly will. Naturally, the safety of sex workers is also to be considered. Far better your casino than walking the streets. Tip: Give any vice squad cops that turn up a discount. 

6. Ensure You’ve Firearms

You’ll quickly discover you have rivals when learning how to run an illegal casino in Canada. It could be quite a rude awakening. They may be somewhat forcefully against your continued presence in the marketplace. Thus it would be best if you owned enough firearms to protect both your investment and your staff. You may even need to protect yourself. Remember, unless you’ve had some training that machine gun could be a handful, so a shotgun or two is more practical.

7. Avoid Arrest

An arrest can seriously damage your wealth. Avoid it like the plague. Keeping a low profile is in many ways more important than making large scale profits. Indeed if you are not sure you can learn how to run an illegal casino and evade arrest, don’t try. Stick to putting the odd bet on sports in Canada at Bet365. There’s no point entering into a business that’s going to land you in jail. Whilst gambling is popular in jail it lacks the ambiance of a real casino, illegal or otherwise. 

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Following recent events in Toronto, we look at how to run an illegal casino in Canada. 

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