How To Use Odds On Coupons at Sportsbooks?

  • Odds on coupon - what is it and how to use it?
  • Bet on sports more than ever with the help of coupons
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how to use odds on coupons

What is a coupon? How to use odds on coupons? If you are a frequent guest at online sportsbooks, you should have seen these terms on the list of betting offers. Read our guide to learn about coupons aka special features that can help you win more money on sports betting.

Betting on sports is not only about picking the favorite team and expecting it to win. There are many nuances you should consider if you want to make money at sportsbooks. From supporting underdogs to using special offers and coupons – there are many ways to make your betting experience more successful.

Today, we are going to talk about coupons. Punters and sportsbooks guests might have seen the term “odds on coupons” at various online gambling sites in Estonia. What is it and how can it help you win? Let’s discuss this topic.

What are coupons at sportsbooks?

Online sportsbooks often create special offers to encourage punters to bet on sports and other events more than usual. In some sense, coupons can be also referred to as special offers. In sports betting, coupons aim to organize several matches/games to save punters from having to dig through each competition individually to find the bet they want.

Usually, online sportsbooks in Estonia offer coupons on football matches more frequently than on other sport games. It is quite understandable as football is the most popular and bet-on sport of all time. However, fans of such sports as tennis, basketball, and eSports can also find offers for themselves from time to time. To learn how to benefit from using football coupons, scroll down.

how to use odds on coupons
Let’s spare with coupons!

How to use odds on coupons online?

The benefits of using coupons are obvious. Primarily, it makes you win more as you bet more. In the case of picking the right winners in a series of football matches, you will be rewarded with bigger money. Simple as ABC! There are various forms of coupons on sports with the football ones being the most popular. Sites like Bet365 Sportsbook offer to bet on the following sets – check them to have a clearer idea of how they are connected:

  • Popular matches
  • International matches
  • Enhanced odds
  • Match results
  • Both teams to score
  • Goals in both halves
  • Over/Under 1.5 (2.5) goals
  • Odds on eSports

How to use odds on coupons like these? Each coupon includes a set of matches you can bet on. To multiply your winnings, you have to bet on all matches in the set and pick them right. When you click on a specific coupon tab, the list of matches will appear and you can choose the ones you would like to wager on.

Also, at sportsbooks like Bet365, you can follow matches from your coupons live. Sets of odds that have live coverage will have a small screen under the date of the game. In addition, coupons at Bet365 are updated daily, so follow the site to find the best options.

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