So What is In-Play Betting?


Posted: January 28, 2020

Updated: January 28, 2020

  • Bet as the game progresses
  • Or you can bet against the certainty of an outcome
  • Use your phone betting apps to bet anywhere


In-play betting or live betting follow a very simple idea. It’s where you can place a bet once the event has started or be able to punt whilst the event is unfolding. Most bookmakers offer this option today. In many ways it’s more exciting than the traditional form of placing a wager before an event. This is because the excitement is ongoing, allowing you complete engagement throughout the whole event or competition.

Introduction: What is In-Play Betting?

Just be aware that the bookmaker will be continuously altering the odds as the game or event unfolds. This is in accordance with the possibility of a certain outcome based on the present state of play. For example, if your team is 2:0 down on the football field, you might want to wager that they’ll make up the difference in the last few minutes in order to grab a draw. Online, you can live-stream from the bookmaker. Check out these online sportsbook sites in the UK. This way you could possible turn some awful pregame bets into winnings by simply placing your bets as during play.

You can Change the Odds

Maybe you placed a bet on a certain footballer scoring in the 1st half. But then he takes a serious tumble and is stretchered off. Thanks to In-Play betting, you can adjust your strategy by betting now on a different footballer and can therefore negate your would-be loss.

In-Play Betting: Cautious or Clever

The one factor that’s decide just how thrilling your live betting experience will depend on the type of person you are. Essentially, are you cautious or clever? With the former, you’ll probably going to spread your bets over the marketplace or simply bet big on what you consider to be certain outcomes. With the latter strategy, being clever, you’ll be needing to use your wits and skills to spot when the bookmaker is lengthening the odds of a possibility that you are certain will come to pass. You”ll need to think quickly and have an analytical mind. Have a look at the odds with Betsson and be always ready to jump in at a moments notice.

What to Consider When Live Betting

Odds’ Volatility

As time passes, then certain outcomes become more and more increasingly probable. Thus the odds will change very quickly to take those factors into account. To that end there’s really very little point in backing a foregone conclusion, unless of course you’re willing to bet huge. This is simply because the payout will be less. Of course, a relatively small bet on an unlikely outcome can bring in large rewards.

In-Play Betting: Steady Gains

There are really two angles that most punters will approach in play betting. The more cautious will spread bet across a range of almost certain outcomes, where the odds are very short. The idea is to gain small gains, but over a longer time period. After a while the winnings start to pile up. But this takes time.

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Over-Valued Odds

Other punters will look for long odds that they feel the bookmaker has over-valued. Though the outcomes are certainly less likely, the rewards are much greater.

Live Betting Using a Betting Exchange

Since most online betting exchanges like Betsson allow the placing of lay bets, it’s no surprise that in play betting is very popular on betting exchanges. Essentially this means that if you’re feeling certain that a particular outcome will materialize, then you can bet against it happening. This allows the punter an even greater number of betting possibilities. If you want to spice up an otherwise boring or uninteresting sporting event, then lay betting can certainly help in that regard. See it as pitting your wits against not just your fellow punters, but also the bookmakers themselves. You may well be able to take advantage of someone else’s wishful thinking.

The Rise of In-Play Betting Apps

Online sports book news in the UK say that one of the fastest growing markets for online betting is the placing of bets during a live event. Not surprisingly, this had led to mobile now being more popular than browser based betting platforms. And this is the realm of betting apps. Now you have in-play betting with the convenience of portability. You can even bet on mobile games themselves. Wherever you are, you can simply place a bet from anywhere and at any time. And if you come across a game or event already in full swing, then in play betting via your phone, opens up many possibilities for betting and winning.

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