Incredible Six Nations Rugby Finale Gives Way to Unforgettable World Cup

6 Nations Rugby

Scintillating and breathtaking play ruled round 5 of the 6 nations Rugby tourney and brings European Rugby back up to world status.

European rugby just got better. At least on Saturday it did. Last Saturday, March 21, the Rugby Match between France and England served up an ambitious feast of palpitating game play just as rugby fans (and coaches) were beginning to fall asleep in the stands in the Six Nations matches leading up that one.

So stick your tongue out to Steve Hansen, the New Zealand rugby union coach for the All Blacks , who declared European Rugby rather mundane after the two matches – France vs Wales and Ireland vs England – that he had seen. Well, to be fair, let’s keep the tongue in cheek as those 2 matches were hardly anything less than mediocre.

The epitome of a good game

Now last weekend can surely be compared to the heart-lurching match between South Africa and New Zealand that took place way back in 2013 at Ellis Park when the latter needed a bonus-point win against New Zealand, if they were to win the Rugby Championship.

Six nations rugby

The game suddenly came to life and rugby sports fans who had placed their bets at Bet365 which operates under EU gambling laws, weren’t quite sure which team would’ve won at that particular
momentous match.

This Six Nations been has been so combative that for the first time in the history of the 6 Nations Tourney every single round up to now sees a new leader emerging. On Saturday Wales, beat Italy 61 to 20 with a match at 1:30, Ireland brought Scotland to their knees 40 -10 and and England overcame France 55-35. Certainly force, rhythm and characters ruled on that lovely spring day.

Ireland, the finest European side

France, who was taken off their guard at the beginning, then managed to score double what England did but by the second half they were playing with gutso after Philippe Saint-Andre’s speech that made giants cower. But maybe the French team also played with a little bit too much revenge too as one of England’s players toppled the rising star French kicker on to his neck.

The Irish Team has once again proven that they are a lucky bunch, but nothing can underscore their supreme game play on the Rugby stage. With a strong defence team, they had they were no less than impressive under pressure, as they showed their dominance by giving all they had to over-turn Scotland at Murrayfield.

Six nations rugby

The RBS 6 Rugby Nations Table showed that England finished at second place, while Wales copped third place. France settled for 4th and Italy and Scotland finshed 5 and 6 respectively. Now that the RBS 6 Rugby Nations Tournament has ended after an exhilirating finale, sports fans are now looking forward to the World Cup in the autumn, so they can place their bets.

Choice contenders for the World Cup 2015

For the Rugby World cup it could be that online sportsbetting odds will favor Ireland over French group. If France ace-off with New Zealand, and well that’s when things get real thrilling as once again they could once again make a “summit ascent” to win yet another World Cup record.

As the World Cup competitors, England and Wales could challenge title contender’s Ireland for third place in the World Rugby rankings as the RBS 6 Nations 2015 has reached its capitvating zenith. No doubt anyone betting on online gambling sites in EU should probably do so now as even tickets are running out for the World Cup games before Saturday there will not be now.

Wow, imagine if rugby fans could have the pleasure of cheering in semi-finals that would see England, Wales, Ireland, South Africa and New Zealand trying to battle it out ? But knowing the Aussies, they’d want to be in there somewhere too. Now that could go towards some exhilirating game play and interesting online betting odds, want to bet?

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