Is Chris Christie Blocking PokerStars in New Jersey?

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Ray Lesniak is pointing the finger at Christie for PokerStar’s delayed license application.

Politicians are often accused by political opponents of putting the interests of powerful donors ahead of their duties to their citizens. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the latest to catch such criticism, with state senator Ray Lesniak blaming him for the delay of the PokerStars launch in the state.

While American gambling laws now permit states to legalize and regulate online poker industries, New Jersey has been slow to approve the license application of PokerStars.

Christie trying to win support of Adelson

Lesniak thinks that it’s a ploy by Christie to win points with Sheldon Adelson, a powerful Republican donor who could help finance Christies presidential bid in 2016.

The senator voiced his opinion over Twitter: “Poker Stars in time out because they would boost AC and hurt Adelson’s attempt in Congress to shut down Egaming.”

By making things difficult for PokerStars, the thinking goes, Christie can show his commitment to Adelson’s anti-online gambling crusade.

While Lesniak’s theory has some validity, Christie did sign a bill last year to make New Jersey the first state to legalize online casinos in America. It would be a dramatic reversal if he were to become so opposed to online gambling now.

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