Is Qatar Gambling It Can Buy Its Way Out Of The Gulf Crisis?

Qatar leaders 2017

Perhaps it’s jealousy. Perhaps Qatar just can’t help feeling that because they’re so rich they should be involved in everything. It would explain why they paid FIFA so much to host the World Cup, and indeed why they’re on the Formula One calendar at all, but this time their opulence induced cultural misappropriations may have gone too far as this week Qatar decides to become part of the global trend towards imbalance, chaos and stupidity……well….if it isn’t all an insurance scam I suppose.

“The state of Qatar has been subjected to a campaign of lies that have reached the point of complete fabrication. It reveals a hidden plan to undermine the state of Qatar.”
– Qatari Crisis Statement

In a nutshell Qatar is under siege from it’s neighbors in the Gulf Region for having forked over quite a lot of cash (around a billion US) to rather unsavory individuals under rather dubious circumstances making it appear very much like they’ve been supporting extremists. In the Sunni & Shia* wrestling match (Saudi Arabia vs Iran when you get right down to it) tiny Qatar has so far attempted not to upset either side but unfortunately their ego meant they couldn’t quite sit back, they had to be involved.

This ego trip has led them to disaster. Saudi Arabia, let off the leash by the binary world view of the new US president, has decided to force Qatar to pick a side, and pick quickly. The closure of borders, the cutting of diplomatic ties and the revoking of air carrier permissions means that if you like to bet on sports in Qatar there’s a new game in town, just wager on how long it’ll take the richest nation in the world to surrender when all the shops are empty and the starving servants start to riot in the streets.

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“[Qatar] embraces multiple terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at disturbing stability in the region, including the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, and Al Qaeda, and promotes the message and schemes of these groups through their media constantly.”
– Saudi News Agency

40% of Qatar’s food comes from Saudi Arabia, things will get ugly quite quickly if something isn’t done, and just what can Qatar do except throw money at the problem and hope it goes away. An attitude which got them into this mess in the first place, or at least so they’d like you to believe.
SUPPOSEDLY 26 members of the Qatari royal family were kidnapped whilst out hunting with hawks in Southern Iraq (you know, the way we all do on the weekends) and held for ransom by Al Quaeda.

Qatar royalty

26 members of the Qatari royal family were allegedly held for ransom in Southern Iraq (photo:

Believe those circumstances or no, what is definitely true is that the Qataris in Doha coughed up around a billion dollars to get them back thus swelling the coffers of terrorists most of the rest of the world is desperately trying to combat. The UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia cutting ties is such a hammer-blow response you have to wonder if it indicates the kidnapping might have been a cover for blatant financing, the rich Qatari’s hedging their bets once again as the war on terror shifts gears.

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State of Qatar

• Capital – Doha
• Geographic Area – 11,586km2
• Population – 2.68 million
• GDP Per Capita – $145,900 (ppp)
• Law – Sharia & Civil
• Govt – Constitutional Monarchy

Now under effective siege Qatar has to make its mind up, and if it doesn’t do it quickly you have to wonder if those 10,000 US troops won’t become “peace keepers” alongside troops from other Gulf Nations on the streets of Doha. Not that anyone could seriously believe Donald Trump would like to steal the richest country in the world and use this as a pretext to do so, right? I mean that would be ridiculous. Anyone in Qatar gambling news of US invasion is on the way is just way too cynical, right?

Likewise would it be unkind to think that with the World Cup now an albatross around their necks the Qataris have asked for help from their friends to ensure it doesn’t go ahead? It looked like a good idea but having the world’s press turn up to see how they treat the slaves that built the stadiums, the women who do all the work and the nations primitive attitude to homosexuality really doesn’t seem such a good plan now and this crisis may just be concocted to fool the insurance companies who underwrote it all.

* No, they did not sing “I got you babe” together – the world might be a nicer place if they did.

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