Jay-Z in the Sports Betting Market – Beware, New York!


Posted: August 18, 2021

Updated: August 18, 2021

  • Many famous people are interested in the gambling business
  • New York is open for gambling operators to give out licenses
  • Jay-Z might be getting into the Sports Betting Market

We know that famous people like to engage in the gambling world. However, they prefer seeing the business from the player’s side. Now, this is where the rapper, Jay-Z goes the other way: he is on his way to breaking into the sports betting market. And he is aiming big, as he is going for the market in the big apple, New York City.

Ever since there are spots for online sports betting operators in New York, online sportsbook sites in the US are trying to get into the market. And we cannot blame them! Now, it looks like there are several interesting contestants. One of them is Fanatics Sportsbook that belongs to the famous rapper, Jay-Z. Well, we have known about famous footballers playing away all their fortune. We heard about actors, like Ben Affleck who love poker. But this, now is something new, as a famous person is trying to enter a gambling market this way. However, we are excited to see how Jay-Z’s fortune turns out in the sports betting market of New York!

Jay-Z in the business

When talking about Shawn Corey Carter, aka Jay-Z, the first thing coming to everyone’s mind is his career as a musician. Another thing is how lucky he is to be the husband to Beyoncé. But we would not want to get into his personal life right now. However, when it comes to business, he is not only into music. He is also a social justice pioneer, he has an acting history as well, and he founded the clothing retailer, Rocawear. He also has several other successful businesses running, like the entertainment company Roc Nation, and the tech company, Aspiro – just to mention a few.  

Jay-Z in the Sports Betting Market, sport betting
What connects Jay-Z with NBA’s Brooklyn Nets? Picture Source: Flickr

Last, but not least, he founded the luxury sports bar chain 40/40 Club and he is linked to several sports teams. For example, he held a partial membership stake in NBA’s Brooklyn Nets. And now, he takes his game to a whole another level by his Fanatics Sportsbook. Jay-Z is about to enter the sports betting market, so all the other online sportsbook sites in the US, like Intertops should watch out! 

New York and gambling

As we said in a previous article: “On 21st April, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Budget Legislation for the 2022 fiscal year. And that was the document that officially legalized online sports betting in the Empire State. (…) And the state already finalized the path to launch. It included the state accepting applications from corporations and they will choose two providers who can get online betting licenses. So that will probably be a huge run for operators.” And it already is! So, there are several operators in the country, running for licenses. According to TMZ, one of the applications – that the New York Gaming Commission is reviewing – has the rapper’s name on it. Well, this could be the way for Jay-Z to get into the sports betting market!

Jay-Z in the sports betting market

If the NYGC approves the application, Fanatics Sportsbook – with the online software developer, Kambi Group – will be a possible choice of sports wagers in the Empire State. Of course, there are several great and competitive online sportsbook sites in the US. And many of them will probably try to get into this new market. There are sites like Intertops that would even make sports bettors of the state more than happy. Also, this is a business, where the name of Jay-Z might not be a determinant. However, we should never underestimate the power of a celebrity! According to news, the NYGC will reveal the final winners of the licenses by the end of this year.

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