John Wayne Roulette Strategy Explained

  • Not all fans of Wayne's talent know that the famous actor often played roulette.
  • In his autobiography, he talks about a system that the actor himself often used.
  • In our article, we will try to describe John Wayne roulette strategy.
John Wayne roulette strategy

In real life, the famous actor John Wayne is somewhat reminiscent of the characters that he talentedly embodied on the screen. He was justly proud of the ability to quickly find a solution to any problem that arose in his life. Not all fans of Wayne’s talent know that the famous actor often played roulette. In his autobiography, he talks about a system named after him, which the actor himself often used. In our article, we will try to describe the John Wayne roulette strategy.

What is this strategy about?

This scheme got its name in honor of the American actor John Wayne, who was truly fond of the game of roulette. John Wayne’s system is unique of its kind and it does not require a lot of rules to memorize. By the way, this system is also known as the “Simple Roulette Strategy”, because it is extremely easy. However, at the same time, it is effective enough to use it for playing roulette.

The John Wayne roulette strategy requires a substantial supply of funds from the player. Therefore, beginners may be slightly shocked by the sharp change in the size of bets during the game. However, it is precisely in this that the main feature of the described strategy lies. We hope that our further explanation of this strategy will be clear for you and you will successfully apply it in one of the online casinos in the USA. 

John Wayne roulette strategy
Spin wisely!

How to use the John Wayne roulette strategy?

The first thing you need to do is select two numbers from the midline between 5 and 32, located no closer than two numbers apart. In our example, these numbers are 8 and 20. Then you bet one dollar for each number and another one for each corner of these numbers. Thus, you cover half of the roulette table (18 numbers) with a bet of 10 dollars. Usually, as a result of roulette turnover you will have four possible outcome options:

  • If the number 8 or 20 falls out (based on our example) – you win $ 72;
  • In case the number 5, 7, 9, 11, 17, 19, 21 or 23 falls out – you win $ 18;
  • If the number 4, 6, 10, 12, 16, 18, 22 or 24 falls out – then you lose one dollar;
  • In case any other number falls out – you lose $ 10.

Therefore, the main principle of the John Wayne roulette strategy is to get one of those numbers that we have chosen (8 and 20). Meanwhile, all other bets play the role of insurance. Besides, given the fact that the maximum loss is $ 10, and the minimum gain is $ 18, it makes John Wayne’s system truly effective and safe for playing roulette.

It is also worth noting that playing the John Wayne roulette strategy, you can use progressive bets. For example, if you lose, you can double your bet. In this way, you can combine the current system with a Martingale strategy or another strategy based on progressive bets. Learn more about Winning Quad Roulette Strategies to find out which one is suitable for you. Moreover, all of them can become extremely handy while gambling in the Bovada Casino. Don’t you believe us? Check them out yourself!

What do we get thanks to John Wayne?

As we have already mentioned, John Wayne roulette strategy can be successfully combined with other popular gambling schemes. Besides, we truly recommend you to always carefully monitor the status of your bankroll. If you are lucky enough to become the winner of the large sum, then this is the best time to stop the gameplay to avoid further risking.

You have already found out that this scheme is not so complicated, but at the same time very effective. Therefore, our piece of advice to you is to try using it in the demo mode of the game first. However, if you have decided to check the John Wayne system and play for real money, then we recommend you to choose an honest and reliable casino. Bovada is a famous trustworthy gambling platform where you can easily develop your roulette skills and strategies. Good luck!

You can discover more about the Bovada Casino here.

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