Lafourche Parish Council Introduces New Stricter Betting Regulations

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Lafourche Parish Council introduced new measures regarding the location of new betting businesses.

Councilman John Arnold authored the legislation and commented for the gambling news that it was a “no-brainer.”

He added: “Every bar has regulations about distance from property, and every casino truck stop has them. They can pop up anywhere they want to, and they’re going to run out all of the truck stops. I know I wouldn’t want one by my house.”

New rules

The parameters of the new regulation include banning any business with more than three video poker machines to be situated less than a mile from any residential property, church, synagogue, library, school, playground, etc.

Kelsey Meeks, an attorney, commented on the change: “When you think about it, if the video poker machines themselves are what we don’t want next to churches, playgrounds and schools, why does it make sense that truck stops, which can only have 50, but an OTB, which could have 1,000, be able to have go wherever they want?”

It is interesting that companies with more video poker games are suffering all these restrictions according to US gambling laws, however off-track gambling sites aren’t restricted in this way, so they simply escape these new stricter regulations.

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