Learn How To Gamble On Flight Times Before It’s Mainstream

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  • Our Tips On How To Gamble On Flight Time
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How To Gamble On Flight Times

Those used to a weekly bet on sports in the UK or elsewhere will be seeking a replacement. The UK’s Online bookmakers will, in due course supply these. But on what will we all wager as the sporting calendar suffers through this unfortunate hiatus? We’re taking a look at the possibilities you could well see grace the books of Bet365 and the like soon. This week, it’s the shrinking world of aviation that may well provide an answer. So let’s check out this interesting alternative.  

The aviation industry is, like the rest of the economy, taking a bit of a hit right now. However, the need for travel will not entirely vanish, despite present appearances. There will always be flights to and from the major cities in the world. Perhaps fewer than before, but never the less, they’ll be there. This provides an interesting new form of gambling. Flight Times. In fact, this idea may prove so popular you’ll want to learn how to gamble on flight times before they get it set up.

Online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 could easily fold this form of gambling into their cornucopia. One would simply choose a flight and either bet on the duration or the number of minutes either over or under the scheduled time. This information is already instantly available online from various websites. It is a matter of public record. So before you ask how to gamble on flight times, just remember, it isn’t a completely unfeasible idea. One can even watch it live. 

Chinese Proverb

“If you must game, decide on three things at the start. The rules of the game, the stakes and the time it ends.”

Unpredictable World Of Transatlantic Flying 

The internet’s plethora of flight tracking websites would be invaluable for gamblers. Those learning how to bet on flight times would need to familiarize themselves with the variables. In aviation, there are lots of those. The idea a pilot could ‘rig’ the timing on say a transatlantic flight is ridiculous. Between the variable weight of the aircraft at take-off, the variability of wind speed during the flight and, the landing slot rotation timing at destination make this utterly impossible.

How To Gamble On Flight Times
It’s always late

For those unconvinced, they should learn how to gamble on flight times just look at this extreme example. Flight 112 (New York to London) took just four hours and fifty-six minutes. That’s two whole hours less than it’s scheduled duration. That was due to tailwinds from Storm Ciara. People expected it to be quick, but not that quick. For those used to taking advantage of UK gambling laws to bet on the EPL here’s a comparison. It’s like Norwich beating Liverpool 10-0.

Bet365 May Need To Learn How To Gamble On Flight Times

At the other end of the spectrum, headwinds can slow a flight right down. Indeed any flight from which you are meeting someone at an airport is invariably late. So with this variability built-in, a constant live monitoring system already in existence, this is simple. Online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 could easily adopt this as a new form of gaming. The “In-Play” function would just last a bit longer than usual. Although not quite as long as Cricket already does now.

Naturally, there are some issues that require a little resolution. We can’t have gambling syndicates in the Far East bribing air traffic controllers or pilots, for instance. Fortunately, there will soon be so few flights anywhere that monitoring those involved won’t be that tricky. What might prove difficult is picking the times to bet on. Those learning how to gamble on flight times will need to become students of aerodynamics and meteorology. But at least they have the time.


“Man must rise above the Earth – to the top of the atmosphere and beyond – for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.”

We take a look at why you might soon want to learn how to gamble on flight times across the Atlantic.

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