Lottery Winners, And Their Wins, Come In All Varieties

Posted: October 8, 2021

Updated: October 11, 2021

  • Not All Lucky Winners Live Happily Ever After Alas
  • You Could Join The Lottery Winners At Lotto Agent
  • Scallop Fishing Rights Will Be Decided By A Lottery

Lottery winners come in all shapes and sizes and so do lotteries. There are, of course, those we take for granted these days. The sort of progressive jackpot lotteries you can access from Lotto Agent. However, there are plenty of others and some of them are for very specialized purposes. Not all lottery jackpot prizes are cash, some are just the opportunity to make some. Although, as we’ll see, winning the lottery is no guarantee of happiness in any more than the very short term. 

We will all identify with Susan Fitton. She resides in Boca Raton, Florida, and just recently won $2 million dollars. Twice. On the same day. She purchased two tickets with the same numbers and thus doubled her prizes. Now that’s lucky. Even the Prip Mart where she bought the tickets will benefit with a $100,000 bonus. Great. She’s a millionaire for an $18 investment. Superb. Many of us would say that’s what lottery winners look like. Someone winning lots from little.

However whilst Susan decides how to spend her newfound wealth Greg Jarvis can’t. Greg Jarvis is another of our lottery winners, he just won’t choose how to spend the money. He scooped $45,000 and celebrated with friends. Then, unfortunately, they found Greg dead in the water near his boat. He had slipped, hit his head whilst attempting to moor his craft, and drowned. The as-yet-uncashed ticket is still in his pocket. Even the best lottery jackpots are not used to you dead.

Fortune And Fate Are Often Not Equatable

Naturally, authorities passed the ticket on to his family, they found no evidence of foul play. Just a lamentable boating accident. So someone will still benefit, even if it won’t in any way outweigh their loss. Now both of these are examples of good fortune, albeit with very different outcomes. We recognize the gain, and sad loss, involved. Lotto Agent is replete with opportunities just those these lottery winners entered. However, lotteries do not begin and end with mountains of cash.    

“We are thinking that he was tying up his boat, slipped and fell, hit his head, and that’s where he ended up in the water.” 

  • Caseville Police Chief Kyle Romzek

As the best lotto jackpot reviews will make clear, the equanimity of lotteries is paramount. All the players get a fair shake of the stick. It’s why we play. However, this facet also allows their use in far more than mere games of chance. Frequently now you’ll see lotteries pop up where there are finite resources that need fair allocation. Just like at Lotto Agent, everyone gets a fair chance, but often the chance isn’t for cash. Sometimes lottery winners just get the opportunity.

Lottery Winners
Good Luck!

Lotto Agent Can Make You All Lottery Winners

Any authority having to assign licenses for particular businesses will fall back on a lottery. You can find examples of this around the world. Most recently, the Maine fishing authorities have decided to use one. Maine only hands out 14 Scallop fishing licenses and competition for them is fierce. A lottery simply avoids any accusations of favoritism or corruption. So, over this month they’ll take any and all applications and will draw out these lucky lottery winners in due course.

“Scallops are expensive. So they should be treated with some class.” 

  • Jeff Smith – Cartoonist

You may not think a fishing license is particularly fortunate. Few of us will have commercial fishing down on our list of things to do if we were lottery winners. However, the Maine scallops business is worth millions so this is, in its way, a very rewarding contest. Sure, it’s probably not the best lottery to play unless you’re into fishing, but it does reflect the variety of lotteries. So the next time you hit up Lotto Agent just remember this is but a small part of global lottery lore. 

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We take a look at some examples of how lottery winners aren’t all lucky in quite the way we might imagine.     

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