Love & Mobile Gambling: Valentine’s Day Games and Promos


Posted: February 7, 2014

Updated: February 7, 2014

Mobile casinos and gaming providers celebrate the day of love with special promotions.

Mobile casino gambling is one of the most innovative sectors within the gaming industry. The first mobile gambling apps first appeared just a couple years ago as an outgrowth of the relatively new online gambling industry. Since then the market has been bursting forward.

Both online and mobile gambling platforms have been successful in large part due to the ability to market effectively. These platforms are primarily used by the under-40 demographic, which is less responsive to traditional casino marketing. Additionally, women are more likely to use mobile platforms than other forms of gambling.

• The online and mobile gambling industry has capitalized on Valentine’s Day with a variety of games and promotions

• Whether you are single or in a relationship, the mobile gaming world has plenty to offer you this February 14th

• Going beyond simple cash prizes, casino sites offer romantic getaways as well as guys and girls nights

One small but telling niche in the mobile gambling market is particularly innovative: Valentine’s Day-themed gambling apps. Like the Valentine’s Day industry in general, these games are marketed primarily toward women (although we will find some exceptions). What is truly interesting about them is the prizes which they offer. Rather than simply paying out cash prizes, Valentine’s Day themed games often reward their players in more creative ways.

The day of love (or loneliness) is also a big draw for new mobile casino players. Many people of the single variety are home alone and need something to take the edge off of their loneliness or boredom. And many people could care less about the whole thing. Many sites offer special sign-up promotions available only on February 14th.

This piece will review the broad range of options out there this Valentine’s. Whether you are in love, single, wish you were single, wish you were in love or didn’t even know that Valentine’s Day existed, there is something for you.

Romantic promos

The aptly-named online and mobile casino in Gibraltar, Casino, offers a very special prize to winners. The “Romantic Escape” promotion reads: “With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we bet you’re wondering how to impress the object of your affection. Flowers? Chocolates? Good ideas, but what they really want is a romantic weekend away.”

This is what really sets Valentine’s-themed games apart. Traditionally gambling has been about winning cash, money, power, status. Things that are generally associated with masculinity. This promotion offers something completely different: love, romance. You can take that special someone anywhere in the world and show them just how much you care. What could be a better prize than that?

Mobile casinos show their love to players this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day brings a surprising amount of business to casinos. Many couples choose to spend the day at a resort casino, romantically passing the time at blackjack tables or slot machines and then sharing the winnings (or losses). But the day of love isn’t just for couples. It’s also to celebrate the love that your preferred casino has for you! Many American and British internet casinos offer promotions thanking their customers for playing.

For those of us who see February 14th more as “Happy Frustrated Singles Day,” there are plenty of incentives to stay home and play. One site, Bingo Hall, thanks its customers right off the bat. It offers a free $30 deposit if you sign up on Valentine’s Day. Most of us see Valentine’s as cheesy and pointless anyway, and wouldn’t mind spending it at home gambling the night away.

Bovada even offers a special promotion targeted toward single males. The promo reads:

“This Valentine’s we won’t have to escape to the mancave. Come to the casino and get up to $214 Bonus between February 12 and 14. Up your chances of scoring $3,000 for a killer post-Valentine’s night on the town for you and your buddies.”

Capitalize on your single status by devoting your time to winning a big jackpot on Bovada. Then use the money for what really matters: partying with your dudes.

One the other side of the coin, there are numerous sultry Valentine-inspired games to turn up the heat this year, even if you’re stuck at home. The UK-based All Slots Casino offers a range of steamy slot games including “Burning Desire,” “Love Potion,” and “Secret Admirer.” Love Potion allows players to fall in love by drinking a magical love potion or being struck by Cupid’s Arrow. Secret Admirer showers the player with romantic messages. So if you’re home alone, don’t hesitate to turn on the digital love.

And for those who play online games in couples, there is “Perfect Pairs Online Blackjack.” This allows two lovebirds to enter a game together and win special bonuses for mixed pairs, colored pairs, and… wait for it… perfect pairs.

Gaming providers and Valentine’s Day discounts

Gaming providers also run promotions, selling mobile gambling apps at lovingly low prices on the special day. The French mobile gambling and gaming developer Gameloft has announced a $.99 app sale for the iOS platform leading up to February 14th . For those of us on a not-so-great date this year, we can distract ourselves with Gameloft’s mobile gambling apps. For those of us who will be staying home alone, there will is an almost unlimited cache of games to keep us busy.

Electronic Arts is also running a Valentine’s Day promotion on its slot and bingo games for iOS, Android and Kindle platforms. So if you’re single and inclined towards gambling (or you need to sneak a few games in under the table to make your date bearable) developers have loads of cheap casino games to stock up on for a variety of devices.

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