Molly Bloom Doesn’t Like Tobey Maguire

  • Molly Bloom dishes the dirt on Toby Maguire
  • He's a bad tipper
  • Peter Parker is also a dick
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The actor Tobey Maguire has come in for some flack from the author Molly Bloom. Her book, “High Stakes, Hollywood’s Elite, Hotshot Bankers, My Life in the World of Underground Poker” came out in 2014. Otherwise known as the movie “Molly’s Game.” with Jessica Chastain in the lead role. In it, she dishes the dirt on our (apparently) not so friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Introduction: Molly Bloom Doesn’t Like Tobey Maguire

The UK Observer newspaper was one of the first to sit down with a player, Houston Curtis. He was a regular at this underground game. He revealed that he had once racked up debts of $600,000 and that Tobey Maguire paid them off. But this was to later lead to a fraught and difficult arrangement between them. Better play online with Intertops Poker. Another player describes how the book has driven interest as the public get a glimpse into the glamorous world of underground gambling in from Manhattan to Los Angeles.

The Book

The Observer was quick to go through the book. They were looking for juicy nuggets with regard to the behavior of certain A list celebrities. Online poker sites in the US report that, unfortunately, young Peter Parker doesn’t come out of this too well.

Ms Bloom describes Tobey Maguire as “the best player and the worst tipper.”

The Shuffle Master

The young web slinger is a naturally talented poker player. He’s such a dominate player that he started to become paranoid that other players might think his winning streaks come from a friendly dealer. To put pay to this rumor (in his head!) Mr Maguire bought his own shuffling machine into the casino. Called the Shuffle Master, it’s an automatic card shuffling machine. In the most haughty manner, Tobey Magire would insist on it’s use. But here’s the kicker….he rented it to the casino. Yes, he charged rent for it’s use….yet he was the one who bought it in. Apparently he made over $10,000 just charging rent for his machine.

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I’m a Vegan

According to online poker news in the US, Tobey Maguire is a full time vegan, and like all vegans, wants everyone within hearing space to know it. (And no, he doesn’t eat flies). The book says that he would consume vegan snacks throughout the game. So far so good. But if play was going on into meal times, he would loudly request that Molly phone around restaurants for vegan options. Then he would instruct either her, or some other lackey, to drive to the restaurant to collect them. So it’s no surprise that Molly Bloom doesn’t like Tobey Maguire. I don’t think Uncle Ben would either. If he were alive, that is!

Swear On My Mother’s Life

So the game comes to the mano a mano, with two players facing off. Mr Maguire said, in earnest, “I swear on my mother’s life I have you beat.” When the other player folded, instead of just taking the winnings, Mr Maguire just had to show his winning hand, to prove that he was bluffing and boast about the winnings. Very poor form. More like Venom. Maybe he should stick to online poker like Intertops Poker. At least players wouldn’t have to suffer his boorish behavior.

Conclusion: Molly Bloom Doesn’t Like Tobey Maguire

In the movie, Spider-Man 3, the tragic Sandman, played by Thomas Haden Church, says, “I’m not a bad person. Just had bad luck.” That’s not something you’ve likely to hear from either Tobey Maguire or read about him in the book.

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