Money Wheel Game Rules Show It As The Easiest Way To Win Cash


Posted: August 11, 2020

Updated: August 11, 2020

  • It is quite difficult to lose in Money Wheel
  • Almost every bet will bring you money
  • Check 1xBET Casino to play the game

If you are a big roulette fan who is tired of the same games, try something slightly different from the most popular types of roulettes. We are ready to explain Money Wheel game rules, which can help you to win money from spinning the wheel without putting much effort.

There are many popular types of roulette games at online casinos. Apart from most popular European and American, French and African roulette are also available for playing. However, what should a roulette fan do if tired of all roulette games? We offer to switch to roulette-like games. In particular, check Money Wheel game rules as it is a perfect alternative to classic wheel games, so let’s see how to play it!

Money Wheel game rules are simple

Playing Money Wheel at online gambling sites in China is as simple as ABC. Unlike roulette, this wheel game does not require the knowledge of sophisticated strategies or statistical research. You don’t even need to bet on the wheel sections as it will be done automatically. Basically, Lady Luck is all you need to win! 

Money Wheel game rules
Let’s play!

Here are all Money Wheel game rules:

  • To start the game, you have to place a bet. The minimum bet at 1xBET Casino is just $0.15, which can be multiplied if you are lucky enough;
  • After placing the bet, spin the wheel. Unlike most wheel games, here you don’t have to choose a sector that will work out. 24 slots on the wheel designate different odds – from x0 to x1000. The one the wheel stops at will show how much money you get for your stake.

That’s it! Money Wheel is probably the easiest way to win cash among all gambling games. To try it, check what online casinos have it.

Where can you play the Money Wheel game?

After learning Money Wheel game rules, you can play it at online casinos in China. Unfortunately, few gambling rooms offer the game to play as the chance of winning is really high. So, you can choose 1xGames at 1xBET Casino & Sportsbook to try winning money with Money Wheel.

1xBET Casino has the latest edition of the Money Wheel game. It is set in a luxurious casino with a giant wheel and a beautiful female dealer in an evening dress. The wheel has twenty-four sections with the following odds: one x1000, one x500, one x250, one x100, one x50, two x10, two x5, three x2, and three x1. The others contain zeroes.

In addition, 1xBET offers great welcome bonuses for new players. Check also how to play Dream Catcher at this casino site aka another roulette-like gambling game. 

You can discover more about 1xBet Casino here.

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