Most Popular Gambling Tattoos


Posted: February 9, 2022

Updated: February 9, 2022

  • Gamblers can also have a gambling tattoo on their body
  • Poker lovers usually get a tattoo of winning cards
  • The image of Lady Luck and Joker are also popular themes

People can have tattoos about literally anything today from their favorite quote to special symbols. Gambling fans often choose typical gambling symbols like cards, dice, or even a roulette wheel to get on their skin.  While other luck bringing themes are also favored by them as the most popular gambling tattoos. 

Tattoos have been part of our culture for a long time now, but every decade have their own trends and new ideas. They can also vary depending on the person’s main interest and hobby, religion, and family status. As people often choose to have a tattoo about their loved ones. But you can also choose to have a special tattoo if you’re a fan of gambling and want to make a memory of that on your skin. Or if you believe a certain symbol can bring you luck, as some people do. Whatever your reason is to get a tattoo, we will show you the favorite ones to help you choose the right one. 

Famous Cards In Most Popular Gambling Tattoos

One of the most favorite tattoo themes for gamblers is a winning poker hand. Like four aces or the royal flush. With a tattoo like that, you can express your love for poker and hope to get these winning cards in your next games.

most popular gambling tattoos
Picture Source: Flickr

Some people get this tattoo after a huge win and add details to it. Like the name of the casino and the date of the win. Some more artistic versions can also include the roulette wheel, a glass of whiskey, or some roses. 

Royal Flush 

The drawing of one specific card, the Ace of Spades also belongs to the most popular gambling tattoos. It is the highest and most valued card in a deck that has been used as a symbol by several military groups. It is also called the Death Card after many people think it means bad luck. This belief was strengthened by the Motorhead song. In which a gambler only needs the Ace of Spades to live his reckless life. So probably it’s not the best choice if you’re superstitious and believe that this card can bring back luck. 

Roulette Wheel and Dice are Also Popular Images

Roulette and blackjack are also among the most popular gambling games, so it’s not surprising that we can meet them on lots of tattoos.  A roulette wheel image can represent that we only need some luck at the table and in life. Many people think that a tattoo of it will make them lucky. Others choose to have it in order to remember their visit in Las Vegas. Or the opposite, just dreaming about a casino visit in the gambling capital of the world but with a tattoo they can get a vision of it. But luckily you can also visit any online casino sites in the US from the comfort of your home if Vegas is a bit too far for you. 

Roulette wheel 

Adding more objects from a casino like a pair of dice or some chips is also typical in gambling tattoos. They undoubtedly add to the whole casino experience and can make your tattoo more realistic.

most popular gambling tattoos
Picture Source: Pixabay

You can also have them on their own with a special design. Like dice in flames which represent your passion for gambling. People also ask for them to have luck when the dice image can be accompanied by a good luck banner or a clover. You can also have your lucky number on the dice. Or any significant number from your life to make it more personal. 

Joker and Lady Luck as Main tattoo Characters

Joker is a famous figure in gambling and his fame has just increased since the Batman movies. Though he might be a bit scary for some people, Joker is definitely a unique character that can make your tattoo more special. He symbolizes risk-taking and being a fierce opponent, which can be useful to scare your rivals at a poker table. The older, more friendlier version of a Joker card usually pictures a clown with a belled hat. It is a wild card so can mean good luck for his wearer. But it can also represent someone’s cheeky character. 


The women figure of Lady Luck is often used in gambling tattoos when the makers want to achieve a more artistic result. It is popular mostly among men and even non-gamblers can have it.

most popular gambling tattoos
Picture Source: PxHere

As it represents the nature of luck which can give you everything but also take away your winnings in any minute. She is often pictured blindfolded to signal its randomness. She can be a classic, mythical figure or a modern, more sexy woman. Gamblers can add other gambling elements like cards or dice to her image while a skull alongside her can represent the dark side of gambling. 

Lady Luck

Full Sleeve Tattoos

The bravest gamblers can choose to have a full sleeve tattoo instead of a smaller, single image. This bigger drawings can incorporate everything about gambling from cards to roulette wheels, joker and lady luck characters. Or  even the famous Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas sign. Darker versions can also include skulls, guns and fire. While the image of money will bring luck and huge wins for the wearers according to their hopes. Whatever tattoo you choose to have, try your luck on one of the online gambling sites in the US to see if they work. 

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