MotoGP News Just In Is Great If You’re A Finn

MotoGP KymiRing Circuit to be built

With construction of a brand new motor racing circuit in Finland the prospect opens up for a return of MotoGP news reports of the weather become all important.

MotoGp Returning To Finland?

• Timo Pohjola hopes so.
• KymiRing Circuit goes ahead
• Frozen site being cleared of trees

For twenty years the sounds of two-wheeled competition echoed around first Tampere and then Imatra, the Finnish stop on the MotoGP calendar popular with riders and spectators alike, but with ever more financial pressures on circuits, and changes in safety regulations adding costs, it went the way of so many classic events. However with the final piece of red tape in place it would seem there is every possibility of the sport returning to the Scandinavian nation in the next few years.

Whilst Finnish gambling laws might hamper those seeking to wager on it at ComeOn! Sportsbook, the next time a MotoGP race will be held in Finland it will almost certainly be at the as yet unconstructed KymiRing Circuit that lies just 100km outside Helsinki near the picturesque town of Kouvola. The final planning permission approved, however, it is now all systems go and building work on the 2.9 mile long internationally-certified race track is going ahead, which is a piece of good MotoGP news for the entire region.

As has been seen at Rally Sweden fans happily traipse across snowy borders to attend big events and a MotoGP in Finland would draw huge crowds, something the team behind the new circuit is keenly aware of and has been attempting to impress on Dorna, the promoters behind the MotoGP news headlines, who run the World Championship series. It is by no means a fools errand because this is a sport still providing competition where it’s four-wheeled cousin F1 provides nothing but yawns.

Finland’s Chances Still Making MotoGp News Headlines

“We have a good understanding with Dorna.” Said Timo Pohjola project manager at the new circuit, “We are going to have a meeting in February, they are visiting in Finland once again, and we will discuss the timetable. We are really pleased with everything they have done so far.” Which is everything short but sign on the dotted line. Of course the track will take a year to complete but with Argentina joining in 2014 and the Austrian GP back this year, MotoGP bosses are intent to expand.

Timo Pohjola

Timo Pohjola (Photo: Helsingin Sanomat)

This is good MotoGP news for those that like to bet on sports in Finland, however there is still some concern that the weather will delay the start of construction at the site a little, with Timo Pohjola explaining; “The earth is frozen at the moment, we have to wait a little so it melts then it is a lot easier and cheaper to work on.” He also noted that the cold weather typical of the latitude will play a part at the end of this year too. “Winter will again be a factor later in the circuit’s construction based on the first layer of the racing surface, needing a winter to cure, before a second can be applied.”

Just when, then, are we likely to see a MotoGp get underway on the KymiRing Circuit? Well don’t go gambling news reports of it being this or next year are true just yet, that construction process is barely underway and if there’s one thing Dorna are noted for its their lengthy negotiations, just ask the Austrians at the Red Bull Ring, so the chances are it’ll be the 2018 season before we hear the roar of the pinnacle of motorcycle racing echo around Kouvola.

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