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Norway Chess 2022 Odds

The Norway Chess 2022 odds are available on most online sportsbook sites in the EU. Therefore, you have a chance to bet on your picked professional chess player by May 30, 2022. Because Norway Chess is one of the most prestigious and serious competitive, professional chess tournaments in the world. If you are a fan of exciting sports betting or chess in general, then this is one of the best chess tournaments for you to bet on. It will feature several legendary chess players. Because these players proved themselves to be outstanding players throughout the history of their careers. Therefore, let’s learn more about the Norway Chess 2022 odds. We offer valuable information for you to consider before placing your bet.

What is Norway Chess

Norway Chess is one of the most prestigious chess tournaments in the world. The Norway Chess 2022 odds are available for you to bet on already. Therefore the tournament is usually held from May to June. The first tournament took place in 2013, won by Sergey Karjakin. Because in that tournament, the current world champion Magnus Carlsen tied with Hikaru Nakamura for second place. Therefore Magnus Carlsen is one of the 10 Greatest chess players in history. Therefore, the Norway Chess 2022 odds are featuring the chess legends of our time. If you are new to betting on Norway Chess, then don’t worry. Because we have articles written about the legendary chess moves used in a competitive tournament. Therefore, the best betting strategy is to educate yourself about the news and the chess moves. We also go through the basics of how to bet on chess.

Norway Chess 2022 Odds And Tips

According to Norway Chess, the championship begins on May 30, 2022. Therefore, that is one of the earliest dates when the betting will become unavailable. Up until May 30, 2022, you have the chance to bet on the name of any of the participants.

Norway Chess 2022 Odds
Picture Source: NDLA

Because the odds are all pointing to the fact that the current world champion is going to win the event. However, this year is different from all the others. A lot of professionals show a lack of motivation and low resistance to stressful situations. This means that a surprising and out-of-the-ordinary strategy might break the champions. Therefore, you should bet on expecting someone new to take the championship title. But if Magnus Carlsen wins again, he will carry on the title for another year.

A New Champion

Betting on the Norway Chess 2022 odds is one of the most exciting betting events of 2022. Because according to Reuters, the current world champion, Magnus Carlsen might not defend his world title due to burn-out. This means that it is more than likely that a new chess champion is going to receive the title. Therefore the current odds on Carlsen’s name, this is one of the most valuable pieces of information you can put your hands on. Because the odds for Carlsen’s winnings are extremely low at the moment. Therefore, if you are betting against his name, you have more chances of winning than placing stakes on the champion. Because when a sportsman claims to be burned out, then they will not perform as well as they usually would. The perfect example of this is League of Legends eSports. When several professional players were okay with leaving the tournament.

Hao Wang Returns From Retirement

According to Chess.com, one of the retired chess legends is going to return to the competitive scene. Because this means that if you are Hao Wang, expect him to do his absolute best in years. However, you should keep in mind that the reason behind Hao Wang’s retirement is the fact that he has serious health issues. Because he reported that he will try his hand at something else, like investments, or coaching. Therefore, his health issue is not allowing him to participate in something that gives him high stress. In conclusion, he returns but probably he is going to try to manage his stress as effectively as possible. This might affect the intensity of his plays. However, this more relaxed mindset might help him see strategies better. If you want a safe bet, we recommend you to not bet on Hao Wang. 

Norway Chess 2022 Odds

When making the Norway Chess 2022 odds, the bookies considered Carlsen to have the highest chance of winning. But you should still keep in mind the fact that he is burnt out. Because at any point during the tournament, if he is exposed to stress, he might just decide to call it quits at second or third place.

Norway Chess 2022 Odds
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

Therefore, Wesley So or Richard Rapport are bets you should consider. The odds attached to them are extremely worth it if you win. Because this is why you should follow the Twitter pages of each participant. Because you need to be up to date with their mental health and energy. Therefore, let’s check out the available odds in a simple format. The Norway Chess 2022 odds are the following:

Name Odds
Magnus Carlsen 1.28
Wesley So 7.50
Richard Rapport 12.00
Anish Giri 17.00
Shakhriyar Mamedyarov 23.00
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave 26.00
Timour Radjaboc 41.00
Viswanathan Anand 67.00
Vaselin Topalov 81.00
Hao Wang 101.00

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Bet With The Norway Chess 2022 Odds

If you are interested in placing a bet using the featured Norway Chess 2022 odds, then you should visit 22Bet Sportsbook. Because the featured odds are their courtesy. Bet365 is available in most European countries, and they are offering a handful of bonuses. Because you can find the best promotions on our sportsbook promotions and sportsbook bonuses pages. In conclusion, this year of Norway Chess is going to be one of the most interesting. For bettors, it is hard to decide who will win due to several conditions. However, if you are good at seeing through the several chess tactics, or if you read people’s mindsets, then you have a guaranteed win at this betting line.

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