The Odds On Leaving The EU Remain High For Some Countries

Brexit might have sent Britain into the sort of nose dive of despair that even manically depressed lemmings would think an over-reaction but that hasn't deterred the anti-EU parties and factions across the continent who'd like to see their own nations part ways with the superstate, but just which countries have the highest odds on leaving the EU and should you really echew that traditional bet on sports in Europe to wager on them leaving at sites like Unibet online? We take a look.

Odds on leaving the EU

Luxembourg – 100/1

As Germany’s tax haven of choice this small insignificant little nation has the longest odds on leaving the EU, as to do so would be to slice its own throat and it knows it. As far as they’re concerned the fewer barriers to business the better, and this includes pesky little regulations about taxation and corporate accountability, all of which might crop up if it suddenly had to renegotiate all its relationships with the surrounding countries that line its pockets.  

Spain – 66/1

Another nation with long odds on leaving the EU Spain is experiencing tough economic times and a certain amount of political upheaval, neither of which inclines anyone towards the nightmare of leaving the European Union, especially not after all the fuss made about Catalan Independence. Right now Spain needs the backing of the Central European Bank and other organs of the superstate so don’t back them to leave anytime soon at sites like Unibet, because they’re not going anywhere.

Germany – 50/1

As long as they’re in charge you can pretty much bet that the German odds on leaving the EU will not shorten one iota. Sites like Unibet can offer all the tempting prices they like but any European gambling news headlines will one day bemoan Germany leaving the European Union has forgotten just what efforts Germany has gone to down the years to create a united Europe of which they are in charge. The First and Second World Wars for a start.

Netherlands – 28/1

Despite it’s relaxed attitude to prostitution, recreational narcotics and putting mayonnaise on french fries, the Dutch have had a few issues accepting immigrant cultures and has seen a rise in populist right wing politics in recent years which explains why their odds on leaving the EU are so short. It simply isn’t beyond the realms of possibility to see a rightwing Dutch government lead their nation out of a European Union they see as a threat to national identity and sovereignty.

Ireland – 16/1

Following their neighbour’s Brexit the Republic of Ireland faces a whole host of issues, mostly pertaining to their border with Northern Ireland and just how porous it’ll be in a post-Brexit Europe, however whilst that might in of itself shorten the odds on leave the EU you’ll find being offered at sites like Unibet, their financial woes make it relatively unlikely they’ll want to go it alone or join Britain in its collective madness.  

Hungary – 12/1

With a populist leadership that has clashed several times with the European Union over quotas for accepting immigrants on the face of it Hungary seems a good candidate to be next however don’t let those odds on leaving the EU fool you, at 12/1 that’s the same price sites like Unibet are offering on France leaving the fold, which is hugely unlikely, and indeed the machinations of Victor Orban seem designed to keep Hungary on the edge of Europe, not outside it.

Sweden – 10/1

The odds on leaving the EU that Sweden enjoys are surprisingly short because the harmonization of service provision has left a lot of Swedish businesses unable to continue to price gouge their customers in quite the same outlandish manner they used to. Future Swedish governments might well be hugely tempted to take their nation out of Europe, although whether that would halt immigration or just boost emigration remains to be seen.  

Poland – 5/1

Another of the Visegrad Group Poland has had serious issues with the European Unions stance on immigration and continually bemoans the threat Islam poses to European Christianity (wholly ignoring the fact that the biggest threat to European Christianity is European apathy and common sense) and if Europe imposes quotas on immigrants settling in Poland the chances are those 5/1 odds on leaving the EU they’re quoted at sites like Unibet won’t be as short as they ought to be.

Greece – 4/1

Now as well known for financial crisis as it is for pretty beaches and their variety of moussaka, Greece has some of the lowest odds on leaving the EU next. Partly because the reforms of Alexis Tsipras and co have not been met with vast enthusiasm and the rise of the rightwing is never far away, but mostly because Europe might just throw them out for being constantly in debt to a greater extent than they were last time they asked to be bailed out.

Italy – 2/1

With the shortest odds on leaving the EU available at sites like Unibet any European gambling laws of common sense will keep Italy within the European Union hasn’t been paying attention. Bearing the brunt of the immigration crisis now the Balkan route has been fenced off the Italian population could easily decide to cease being part of the EU simply so boat loads of people cease to turn up on its shores presenting it with issues and problems it can’t really fiscally afford.

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