Odds On The Scottish Elections Having All The Answers? Zero

  • SNP Look Set To Gain The Most Seats In 2021 Elections 
  • Grab The Best Odds On The Scottish Elections At Bet365
  • Another Referendum On Independence The Only Solution
Odds On The Scottish Elections
The Scottish Parliament in 2017 – Image source: TParkes02, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Anyone in the UK gambling laws of common sense applies to politics hasn’t been paying attention. This is no more or less true in Scotland than anywhere else. Of course, suffer from having an issue that just won’t go away. Possible independence is a prism through which all scots politics must be viewed. So odds on the Scottish elections at Bet365 might look straightforward enough, however, there’s more to it than it appears. A bet on the SNP is not the end of the matter. 

That the SNP will win the most seats in the 2021 elections is unquestionable. Nicola Sturgeon would have to sell Shetland to the Swedes to lose this one. However, because it’s so obvious anyone looking to bet on the Scottish elections will find the actual odds on the Scottish elections somewhat unattractive. 1/20 on the SNP getting most seats is not a tempting wager. Nor are the alternatives. At 14/1 the Conservatives are distant seconds. And no one would bet on the Conservatives winning in Scotland.

However just because the SNP are going to waltz off with this like a shoplifter with their pockets full of pick n mix doesn’t mean Scotland’s future is concrete. That independence debate is going to rattle on and on. Sure they lost the last referendum, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try again. If the Scots public see Westminster continue to work against their interests, the odds on the Scottish elections will become even more one-sided at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365.

Brexit And Independence Focus For Future Of Scotland

The Brexit issue is driving Scots to the independence banner. Scotland is set to suffer and the odds on the Scottish Elections are so bias because of it. The SNP has consistently railed against the imposition of Brexit. Should the aftermath of January 1st be apocalyptic a bet on Scottish independence won’t be out of place. That’s why you can get 9/1 on a referendum vote in 2021. No one is sure the public won’t simply demand one. They might. Westminster isn’t popular. 

Most Seats Scots Parliament 2021

  • Greens – 150/1
  • Democrats – 66/1
  • Labour – 20/1
  • Conservatives – 14/1
  • SNP – 1/20
  • See more at bet365…

Whether Boris Johnson and his cavalcade of chaos is so unpopular as to foster an uprising is arguable. The Scots certainly won’t stand idly by and watch their economy destroyed because England voted to leave the EU. They didn’t. They voted to stay. Something they’re unlikely to do in another referendum vote. Online sportsbook sites in the UK, which have odds on the Scottish Elections, will tell you “Leave” gets Evens at best. Remain barely scrapes up 8/11 these days.

Odds On The Scottish Elections
Look what have you done Joris Bohnson

Find All The Odds On The Scottish Elections At Bet365

Naturally, politicians across the political spectrum have agreed to abide by the referendum decision. They had little choice. However, it really may not be up to them. So, whilst the odds on the Scottish elections seem to point to a long wait for another say, the zeitgeist may have other ideas. No one is sure what Brexit will do to Scotland, or, indeed the rest of the UK. You can just bet on Brexit making things more complex and difficult at a time they simply don’t need to be.

Next Referendum Result Odds

  • Bet On Scotland Staying In The UK – 8/11
  • Bet On Scotland Leaving The UK – Evens 

So if you’re tired of that ho-hum bet on sports in the UK, grown bored of a bet on reality TV, or a novelty wager on the BBC SPOTY award, check out the odds on the Scottish elections. There’s plenty of scope now for that 9/1 wager to pay out. After this year? Anything is possible. Next year should be better. Right? But, none of us can guarantee that. 2021 could be worse. This could be one of the few ways to profit from that situation. Scotland could just vote with its feet.

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We take a look at the odds on the Scottish elections next year as the SNP look set to dominate parliament again.

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