Ohio Gambling Laws

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In recent years, Ohio gambling laws were considerably loosened. There are plenty of chances to gamble in Ohio, but also some grey areas.

Ohio gambling laws

Around the turn of this decade, Ohio gambling laws were considerably liberalized. However, the state is not necessarily a gambling paradise. Currently, there are limited options for gambling in Ohio, but in the future this might change. “Bet” is defined by Ohio gambling laws as “the hazarding of anything of value upon the result of an event, undertaking, or contingency.”

Among the legal forms of gambling in Ohio, casinos might be the most important. Residents authorized Vegas-style gambling in 2009. The referendum approved for 4 commercial casinos in Ohio. Three of the casinos were open to the public by 2012, while the fourth opened its doors in 2013. Each one of the venues offer blackjack, slots and other popular casinos games.

There are also 7 racinos in Ohio, offering video lottery games but no table games. In 2015, the legality of racinos was questioned in Ohio’s top court. According to US gambling news, the authorization of video lottery terminals was unconstitutional. As of now, the racinos are still operating.

Ohio gambling laws allow for horse racing and pari-mutuel betting on the races. Citizens can bet at standard racetracks, thoroughbred racetracks, and off-track betting venues. Charity bingo and raffles are also legal in Ohio, if the organizers acquire a license from the Attorney General’s office.

Online Gambling in Ohio

Currently there are no laws relating to online gambling in Ohio. However, there are no explicitly legal forms of internet gambling either. Such situation is not new to people who are familiar with US gambling laws. Based on the existing Ohio gambling laws, online gambling is considered illegal within the state. Law experts say that Ohio legislators are interested in online gambling, so we might soon see a change in this field.

Lotteries in Ohio

The first tickets of the state-run Ohio Lottery were sold in May, 1973. Since the lottery’s establishment, it provided an approximate amount of USD 22 billion to Ohio’s public education. Ohio Lottery Tickets are available at more than 10,000 licensed retailers but not online. The lottery started selling Powerball tickets in 2010.

Daily Fantasy Sports in Ohio

Currently, there are no regulations or laws for daily fantasy sports in Ohio. In 2015, legislators promised that they will take a closer look at the matter, however, the responsible committee postponed their decision to 2016. Ohio news report that gambling authorities can’t control daily fantasy sports in default of laws.

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