Online Bingo in Japan Grows in Popularity

Online bingo in Japan is quickly gaining in popularity as an alternative to pachinko machines.

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Japan is the land of pachinko machines. To say that a segment of a Japanese population happens to be pachinko-maniacs is not an exaggeration. Perhaps, this is due to illegality of most gambling forms under Japanese gambling laws. Thus, the players have their needs fulfilled at pachinko parlors.

When it comes to the online casinos in Japan, these are not allowed to operate within the country’s borders, yet many Japanese like to visit offshore sites.

Currently, the game of bingo is also provided via mobile casino gambling. However, Japanese still like to visit bingo halls where alcohol is served and friends can meet as an alternative to a pub.

In addition to pachinko, online bingo in Japan is also quite popular. In fact, Japan is the second largest market in the world when it comes to this game. The first one is the United States, while the United Kingdom is third. In the US, the bingo laws differ among the states, while in the UK, the operators can provide Internet versions of bingo, but need to follow strict advertising rules.

The most popular versions of online bingo are 75 and 90 ball bingos. 75 ball bingo is an American version, while 90 ball bingo is a British one.

Given the tradition where the players go to play bingo to interact socially, the social media sites are looking into providing what is called as social online bingo where the online bingo halls allow for the players to chat to each other using the Internet technology.

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