Online Slots and Online Poker Race in America Begins

Traditional gambling machinery providers want to offer online slots to the players.

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As the G-Day, or what is known as the Gambling Day, approaches due to impending legalization of online casinos under American gambling laws, many land-based casinos and gaming machinery producers are seeking to get into the Internet gambling market.

One player, the International Game Technology is hoping to eventually provide online slots via Facebook. As it appears, many of the gaming technology providers are exploring possibilities of opening up their own online casinos in United States to the dismay of their many clients who fear new competition.

The mobile casinos in United States would also be allowed to open. However, it’s not that the smartphone games are something to be developed. Quite the opposite. There are many advanced developers who are already battle-tested by providing such software to the existing and strong offshore casinos.

For example, major players such as Microgaming, already offer vast array of mobile and online casino games. In fact, hundreds of them. Now, there are so many online and mobile slots that it makes it hard to choose which one to play. Same with blackjack or poker. Multiple versions.

The International Game Technology, however, believes that it can deliver game content at a quarter of the cost of its competitors. That we are yet to see.

Meanwhile, Facebook isn’t the only social media site seeking to provide gambling entertainment. Zynga already offers poker, but not for real money. And it has huge user base, who enjoy many of the games available on the site such as FarmVille or Mafia Wars. Now, as reported by the New York Times, Zynga is talking to Wynn Resorts about partnership for online gambling.

At the same time, the ways to play online poker in USA for real money have disappeared after not-too-long-ago shot down of sites offering this game. There is one exception, though. Nevada is offering online poker on an intrastate basis. Other states are looking to join in as well. The gambling wars are about to commence.

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