Ousmane Dembele Transfer Odds Reveal a Weird Situation

  • Barcelona failed to bring the best out of Dembele
  • Juventus closely monitoring the situation
  • Rumors of Manchester United agreeing on terms with the french player
  • Chelsea and other clubs included in Ousmane Dembele transfer odds
Ousmane Dembele transfer odds

Ousmane Dembele transfer odds and prediction show just how unclear the situation is. The relationship between the player and Barcelona is getting worse every season. Therefore, the likelihood of him staying with the Blaugrana is minimal. Additionally, Barcelona would like to sell him at the maximum possible price since his contract with the club ends in 2022. Being such a talented player, several European clubs have been considering making a bid to recruit him. However, there is no clear sign or indication as to where Dembele will end up when the transfer window closes. What club do you think the French player will sign for?

A Talent Gone to Waste With Barcelona

After joining Barcelona in 2017, high expectations were put on Ousmane Dembele. The talented youngster was supposed to fill the void Neymar left behind him. Dembele was on fire with Dortmund which prompted Barcelona to buy with a record-breaking fee of 135 million Euros. However, looking at this decision four years later, it seems that the Spanish club failed to utilize Dembele’s talent. Due to the player’s lack of discipline and reoccurring injuries, Dembele is no longer crucial to the squad. In fact, his relationship with the club has been gradually getting worse with every passing season.

It seems that both sides are no longer interested in continuing the relationship. As a result, rumors out of Spain from several sources are indicating that Dembele is looking for a club. With no definitive conclusion to the situation, several European clubs are considering making a move. This made Ousmane Dembele transfer odds much more interesting than you might think. Where do you think he will end up next season?

Juventus Making a Move Again

In mid-season of 2021, there were rumors of Juventus planning to make a move and sign Dembele. However, the Italian club has pulled out to try again during the summer. Juventus are hoping to take advantage of the current bad relationship between the player and Barcelona. In addition, with the contract of the French player ending in 2022, he could exit the club as a free agent if he stays for another year. Therefore, Barcelona would most certainly be willing to consider reaching an agreement with The Old Lady.

Ousmane Dembele transfer odds, soccer betting
Can Juventus use situation and sign contract with Ousmane Dembele? Picture source: Pixabay

With the strong interest from Juventus and the current situation, bookies and online sportsbook sites in Spain have placed the Italian club as the favorite in their Ousmane Dembele transfer odds. For instance, at 22BET Sportsbook, the betting odds for the World Cup winner to join the Italian club are 6.00.

Ousmane Dembele Transfer Odds for Manchester United

Another club that has a history of trying to sign Dembele is Manchester United. The Red Devils have attempted to bring him into Old Trafford in 2017 before he decided to go with Barcelona. However, the unsuccessful career in Spain has reignited Manchester United’s interest in the 24-year-old. In fact, there were even rumors of Dembele agreeing to a deal with Manchester United since March of this year. However, nothing is official, yet which most probably means it is just journalists’ talk.

Ousmane Dembele transfer odds
Are the rumors real? Picture source: Sportingferret

Regardless of this, Dembele would be a great addition to the English club. Man Utd has been searching for a talented dribbler/winger for years now without success, and Dembele might be the one! Additionally, the French player is mostly guaranteed a spot in the starting lineup which could lure him to the Premier League. As a result, 22BET Sportsbook has Manchester United open as the 2nd favorite in the Ousmane Dembele transfer odds at 8.50.

Other Clubs Included in Ousmane Dembele Transfer Odds

Although Dembele lacks the discipline to become a world star, there is no doubt that he is a talented player. Therefore, if a club can discipline him to obey the rules, the 24-year-old would certainly become one of the top players in the world. Several other clubs believe that they can bring out the best of him and are interested in signing the Barcelona man. For instance, Chelsea is currently monitoring the situation with Barcelona and the progress Juve and Man Utd are making. Dembele would be the perfect replacement to Eden Hazard after his departure to Real Madrid. The Blues are lacking depth in the winger positions, so he would be the perfect fit. As a result, 22BET Sportsbook places them as the 3rd favorite in their Ousmane Dembele transfer odds at 9.50.

The list of betting options does not stop here! If you believe that Ousmane Dembele will end up in a different club, 22BET Sportsbook offers you several other options. The following table shows the available choices along with their odds. What is your prediction?

Bayern Munich 9.50
Paris Saint-Germain 11.00
Liverpool 12.00
Manchester City 15.00
Leeds United 18.00
Real Madrid 26.00

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