Pennsylvania to Introduce a New Gambling Bill

Pennsylvania State Capitol Harrisburg

Based on the new bill licensed land-based casinos resided in Pennsylvania would be allowed to acquire online gambling licenses.

Regulated online gambling is on its way to Pennsylvania. After the formal introduction of a new bill in the US state, chances are high that in the future residents will be permitted to engage in online casino gaming. Based on Senate Bill Title 4 players would be allowed to open account in in internet casinos established by licensed Pennsylvanian land-based destinations.

According to US gambling news, the bill focuses on slot games but it also touched the topic of regulated online gambling. The revenue of such establishments would be taxed of 54% and the licenses would available only for casinos with table games and slot machine certificates. The cost of a five-year internet gambling permit would be USD 10 million and its renewal another USD 1 million.

The regulation is not finalized yet

The most important decision-making unit is the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. They will decide about the games that can be offered by online destinations. Furthermore, this authority is will be the one issuing temporary rules before the regulation is finalized. Further details of the bill will be shared in front of Pennsylvania’s Senate Community, Economic and Recreational Development Committee. 

 The new bill, Amendments to Pennsylvania Race Horse Development and Gaming Act is a promising step in the direction of regulated gambling in the US state. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board follows the Gaming Act. They were established to protect the public’s interest and enforce US gambling laws and regulations.

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