5 Most Famous People Who Won the Lottery Multiple Times

  • There are many lottery winners, but only a few won money multiple times
  • Some lucky people hit the jackpot 4, 7, and even 30 times. Who are they?

The fortune to win the lottery usually smiles just once, but these lucky people managed to hit the jackpot more than once. Believe it or not, there are many lotto winners with two or three victories or even 30 successful attempts! Here are some people who won the lottery multiple times and shared their story of winning.

Winning the lottery is probably one of the fastest ways to become rich. Even single hitting a jackpot can change a whole life, to say nothing about multiple wins. We can hardly imagine how it feels to take the main money prize thirty times, but these people do know. The most famous lottery winners that have revealed their identities, shared stories of unbelievable success. Here are 5 people who won the lottery multiple times.

A four-time lottery winner did it again

Melvyn Wilson is widely known in gambling circles and is even called Mr. Lucky for winning the lottery 4 times. A 79-years-old lucky man hit his first jackpot in 2004 when he won $25,000 from a common scratchcard. This victory led off his journey through the lotto and who could say that it wasn’t successful? Just one year later, Wilson won another prize worth $1 million followed by another big win the same year. His last victory reached him in 2013 when the old man won another $500000 from a random ticket. What a lucky one!

people who won the lottery multiple times
Two jackpots in a lifetime? It sounds mathematically almost impossible!

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Richard Lustig hit the jackpot 7 times

Richard Lustig is probably the most famous lottery winner of all time. He is not the most frequent winner, but his seven successful attempts to hit the jackpot still impress. Lustig is known mostly by his book “Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery”, where he describes all his victories and gives advice. The book still divides opinions as many skeptics find his seven victories unrealistic, and his tips – even dangerous.

According to the book, Lustig won the lottery 7 times in different places. His first successful attempt was in 1993 when he won $10000 with the help of a scratch-off ticket. The next time when fortune smiled on him happened 4 years later in Florida, where Lusting won $13000. Three victories in a row came to him in 2000-2002 of a total amount of $850000. The fifth jackpot of $73000 reached Lustig in 2008 with the following $99000 prize victory in 2010. This story is worth telling in Hollywood movies about the lottery!

Lustig explained that being among people who won the lottery multiple times worked due to the re-investment method. Basically, he was spending all winning money on lottery tickets, which allowed him to get famous. However, his advice was called dangerous as people can spend more than they win on tickets and be in deep debt.

Mandel is among people who won the lottery multiple times

A common Romanian economist entered history in 1992 when he won the lottery for the 14th time. Stefan Mandel was probably the first person to hit so many jackpots before online lotto sites appeared. His success wasn’t a virtuous circle, but the result of math studies. The man had been preparing for playing lotto for years and testing his theories regularly. To win the money, Mandel read lots of books to come up with a perfect formula of the most possible winning combinations of this or that period. It proves that paying attention to books about gambling isn’t a waste of time, however, the lotto system is different nowadays. Despite this fact, let Mandel’s experience of winning a total $30 million prize inspire you to try your luck in the lottery.

people who won the lottery multiple times
Go ahead and calculate your chances!

Armand Paganelli’s 16 amazing lottery wins

The fortune sometimes smiles at lottery tickets sellers as well. Armand Paganelli, who is an owner of the local lotto store in the Bronx, hit the jackpot 16 times in two years. The man has been buying tickets regularly in 2013-2014 and his persistence was rewarded. As a result, he won more than $600000 in total. He must definitely be one of the luckiest Zodiac signs in the lottery.

Although some can think about fraud, it is completely legal for lottery retail owners to buy their tickets. This is not the only coincidence though. Interestingly, Paganelli’s wife also stands against all gambling activities, but it was her to purchase those 16 tickets for him. As a result, her husband became one of the biggest lotto winners ever. Paganelli spent most of the winning money for charity and his children’s education fees.

Deborah Brown won 30 times at once: that’s a record!

Our last and the most recent winner among people who won the lottery multiple times is Deborah Brown. In 2019, she won 30 times in one day! Despite the fact that the total jackpot was just $150000, the fact of winning 30 times during 24 hours is simply amazing. By her own words, Brown purchased twenty lotto tickets but noticed that they have the same combination of 1,0,3,1. She decided to buy 10 more tickets at the same place and with the same set of numbers. This decision was smart as Deborah won the main prize of all her tickets and became the most frequent lotto winner just in a day!

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