His Promotion Instantly Cuts The F1 Odds On Alexander Albon

Posted: August 15, 2019

Updated: March 31, 2020

  • F1 Sister Teams Toro Rosso And Red Bull Swap Drivers
  • Belgian GP F1 Odds On Alexander Albon Drop To 75/1
  • Team To Decide Who Gets 2020 Drive Alongside Max
Image source: Jen_ross83 via Flickr

Andy Warhol said that everyone would be world famous for fifteen minutes, and it’s just possible Pierre Gasly’s time is up. Demoted back to the feeder team Toro Rosso the Red Bull second seater has failed to live up to his promise, and upon his promotion to drive alongside Verstappen for Red Bull proper the F1 odds on Alexander Albon have dropped significantly on sites like Unibet, one of the best online sportsbook sites in Thailand. So much so they’re worth a punt.

The F1 odds on Alexander Albon dropping like a stone shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with the sport. The promotion one of the three top tier teams guarantees a performance boost above and beyond that which most teams on the grid can manage even on a good day. Moving from Toro Rosso to Red Bull is like a footballer moving from Accrington Stanley to Manchester United, it’s a fabulous opportunity. A fabulous opportunity Gasly sadly managed to squander.

Alexander Albon

  • Age – 23
  • Team – Red Bull
  • Car No. – 23
  • F1 Races – 12
  • F1 Points – 16
  • Best Finish – 6th
  • Current Pos. – 15th

At the Hungarian Grand Prix Gasly was lapped by Verstappen, and whilst there’s a gulf of difference between these two drivers in terms of F1 experience there wasn’t between the capabilities of the car. It was manifest that Pierre was not getting the best out of the vehicle, and so Red Bull threw him out of it, This instantly slashed the F1 odds on Alexander Albon and you might want to consider taking advantage of Thai gambling laws in order to back him to win.

Nine Races For Alex To Make His Case For 2020 Seat

Well, okay, so when I say win I don’t, obviously, mean the Drivers World Championship since Lewis Hamilton has that all sewn up. However, if you’re in Thailand and have been waiting since 1954 (the last time a Thai raced in a Formula 1 season) you might want to put a celebratory wager on the F1 odds on Alexander Albon to win in Spa. Prince Bira managed 8 career points in F1 back in the 50s, Alex already has twice that many and looks set to add to that tally with ease.

His sixth place at this year’s German Grand Prix at Hockenheim, a race which Gasly failed to finish, demonstrated that even in the most tricky of conditions he can focus on the job in hand, something Christian Horner and the rest of Red Bull will now be counting on to close down the gap twixt themselves an Ferrari. Given all we’ve seen and all that is expected of him he could well be a great bet on sports in Thailand for years to come, we just have to see what Spa brings.

F1 Odds On Alexander Albon Available At Unibet Today

The team will use the next nine races to evaluate Alex’s performance in order to make an informed decision as to who will drive alongside Max in 2020.” Said Red Bull with a straight face. It’s hard to imagine just how badly Alex would have to drive to see Gasly brought back. That said one shouldn’t get carried away. Max Verstappen, in ostensibly the same car, is getting just 5/1 to win in the Belgian Grand Prix far shorter than the going F1 odds on Alexander Albon.

Belgian Grand Prix Odds

  • Anyone Else – 1000/1+
  • Carlos Sainz – 750/1
  • Alexander Albon – 75/1
  • Max Verstappen – 5/1
  • Valtteri Bottas – 23/4
  • Charles Leclerc – 11/4
  • Sebastian Vettel – 11/4
  • Lewis Hamilton – 6/4

Indeed, if you hit up Unibet, one of the best online betting sites in Thailand today, you’ll find that those F1 odds on Alexander Albon are still quite some way back on the 23/4 Bottas gets, or the 11/4 both Vettel and Leclerc attract at Ferrari. Still head and shoulders above the rest Lewis Hamilton gets 6/4 to win in Spa, but with European weather up and down like the Assyrian Empire there’s just a chance Alex will do Thailand proud in his first “big league” F1 drive. 

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