Psychological Tricks Offline Casinos Use

  • A large number of psychologists work in the field of gambling
  • All of these people have been creating the concept of an ideal playground
  • Let's take a look at what psychological tricks offline casinos use!
Psychological Tricks Offline Casinos Use

It is no secret that a large number of psychologists work in the field of gambling. For decades, all of these people have been creating the concept of an ideal playground that attracts visitors. Design, lighting, manner of communicating with visitors, casino rules – all of this has long been thought out and implemented. Indeed, no accidents, everything is based on logic and psychology. Let’s take a look at what psychological tricks offline casinos use to attract and retain maximum visitors for a long time.

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The Main Thing in a Casino is the Atmosphere!

Indeed, the client should always feel comfortable. Thus, gamblers should relax and enjoy the frivolous and friendly atmosphere of the establishment while experiencing something like euphoria. Therefore, the casino serves free drinks and snacks. Besides, there are comfortable chairs and soft relaxing music. In this way, alcohol clouds the mind, delicious food makes the evening even more enjoyable. And when all this is also free, then you will not want to leave the casino at all. This is How Offline Casinos Manipulate You

The customer should not be distracted by the life that awaits him outside the casino. However, one should not be too focused on the game. Therefore, in the casino, in addition to free drinks and snacks, you will see beautifully dressed women. Many casinos often invite such women on purpose, paying for their “distracting” work. Additionally, you will never find a watch there. They are not on the walls of the gaming halls, or at the entrance, anywhere. If you ask what time it is, the dealer will not be able to answer you. Indeed, even he is not allowed to wear a watch. And if you want to determine at least the time of day by looking out the window, you will not be able to do that either. There are no windows in the casino!

Psychological Tricks Offline Casinos Use: Light

Usually, fluorescent lamps are hanging all over the place and confusing players. These psychological techniques, by the way, are used not only in casinos but also in 24-hour shopping centers and nightclubs. The goal, according to business psychologist Kati St Clair, is one – to disorient a person and achieve a state that resembles a trance. Thus, no one and nothing reminds you that you have already sat up, that the time has passed after midnight and the fact that now is just the beginning of the evening and you have a lot of time left.

Psychological Tricks Offline Casinos Use
Have you already noticed this? Picture Source: Pixabay

At least it seems to you like that. In some casinos, even mirrors may be missing so that you do not see your tired and rumpled reflection in them. How do you like it? It is much better to gamble in the online casinos in the USA from the comfort of your own home. 

Oxygen and Interiors

Indeed, the increased oxygen content in the air invigorates and refreshes. In some large casinos, there is an additional oxygen supply to the gaming halls. And it would be okay with just oxygen, but they can also mix pheromones there. In this way, then the gambler, inspired by an unknown power, begins to play furiously for the joy of the owners of the establishment. Well, you will not find yourself in a similar situation in the Intertops Casino. Online gambling is safer in this regard. 

Besides, the floor in the land-based casino is almost always covered with crazy variegated patterns. Meanwhile, the ceilings are usually low and plain. They do it to make a person feel more comfortable with low ceilings but pay attention to what is below. Indeed, tipsy clients are often sick of contemplating a very interesting floor and they are looking for the most pleasant spots and surfaces for the eyes. And what is this so pleasing to the eye? Of course, the green cloth of the gambling table. 

Psychological Tricks Offline Casinos: Chips Instead of Money

It is much easier to part with the chips. It’s like giving out something with no real value. However, real money is another matter entirely. 

Psychological Tricks Offline Casinos Use
Picture Source: PxFuel

Therefore, in order not to cause you unnecessary associations and greed, the casino cashier exchanges your money for colored pieces of glass or plastic. And in general, the fewer times the players see the money, the more relaxed they feel. Thus, the more willingly they give tea and the more desperate they take risks. This is one of the Casino Tricks To Make You Spend More Money

Too Close to the Victory

“The near-win effect causes the player to overestimate their chances of winning,” said Dr. Luke Clark, a Cambridge University psychologist. – “If your horse comes second, or the machine shows two “sevens” instead of winning three, you will almost certainly continue the game. Indeed, players often overestimate their ability to maintain control of the situation – “I can stop when I need to”. This human self-confidence is familiar to everyone and akin to “I can quit smoking whenever I want.” How can you stop here, when 6 times in a row black has fallen out (when betting on red) and you have scooped up all the money to make the next winning bet! This is one of the psychological tricks offline casinos use. 

Psychological Tricks Offline Casinos Use: Giveaways

Almost all casinos hold such raffles. Their meaning, according to Dr. Clark, is as follows. A person makes judgments about events and the world around him not only from rational facts. Indeed, the emotional component, images, and impressions very strongly affect perception. “Emotionally powerful images have a much greater impact on human behavior,” says Dr. Clark. The casino additionally forms an emotionally rich image of “winning” – by holding demonstrative super-draws, putting up memorable prizes for the drawing, showing the big winners, if possible, and provoking a reaction.

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The unwritten rules of the gambling business mentioned here are just a reflection of the nature of the human psyche. It is almost impossible not to succumb to these techniques. However, it is also unlikely to beat the casino. But the craving for the game, which is deeply rooted in the psyche, makes millions of people lose in the hope of winning. Hopefully, online casinos in the USA support the Responsible Gambling rules and won’t leave you out in despair. 


To eat and exchange chips, in most cases you will have to wade deep into the casino. Indeed, services are often located as far away as possible. Why is this done? For visitors to make their way further and further into the magic world of the casino. The deeper you get, the more chances that the visitor’s attention will be attracted by the next gaming table or machine. Thus, a gambler will be delayed. This happens very often. A player has already decided to leave and went to exchange chips for money. However, then one meets another game table and is delayed. 

Psychological Tricks Offline Casinos Use
Picture Source: Wikimedia

Besides, in reputable casinos, visitors are constantly offered something for free. For example, free food, free drinks, free shows. But what is it for? They do it simply because a person then has a feeling that they are being cared for. How can you not stay in an institution where so much attention is paid to visitors? And free alcohol is generally a great way to make a person commit rash acts. For example, a person walks into a casino and thinks that he has dropped by for a minute. Here he is offered a gorgeous cocktail, and absolutely for free. The visitor drinks a cocktail, alcohol begins to dizzy, all sorts of memories of having to leave disappear. And the game begins, which often ends with empty pockets and surprise: “What am I doing here?”

Psychological Tricks Offline Casinos Use: Do They Work?

Sridhar Narayanan, associate professor of marketing at Stanford GSB, and his co-author, Punit Manchuanda, have done real empirical research on behavior that has previously only been tested in laboratories. Commenting on the finding of the success of advertising gambling to addicted gamblers, they said, “This is an important takeaway for both casino owners and policymakers alike because it will help us understand whether we need to regulate the industry – or regulate ourselves – when it comes to advertising “. In particular, they wanted to take a data-driven approach to investigate some of the most common criticisms in the casino gambling industry. Their study looked at three separate but related questions: First, is gambling addictive? Second, do consumers exhibit “irrational” beliefs in play behavior? And finally, how effective are casino marketing incentives in promoting gambling?

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Unsurprisingly, there has been evidence that some players are showing addiction. However, this percentage was relatively small – only 8 percent of all consumers. “Medical researchers estimate that 5 to 8 percent of all players show signs of addiction,” Narayanan said. “Our findings have been aligned with this.” “There is no doubt that there is gambling addiction, but these results indicate that casinos are mainly entertainment establishments,” Narayanan said. “After all, a lot is going on there besides gambling — there’s a showcase of a rich life to gaze at, to eat and drink, or to watch a show.” In this way, they defined the tricks used in the casino industry as a part of the whole entertainment process. Even when you gamble online in the Intertops Casino, we believe that you can also grab a beer to enjoy the moment. Good luck!

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