Rain Disturbs Those 2018 Sri Lanka England ODI Series Bets

Having weathered the visit of India this summer the England side gets a somewhat one-sided 1/5 for any 2018 Sri Lanka England ODI series bets you might make, with the hosts in return only scraping together a paltry 7/2 at BetRally, one of the best online betting sites in Sri Lanka at present, however these odds were evidently based on the cricketing reputations of both teams and not, as should perhaps have been factored in, on the weather, which just doesn’t want to play ball.

Eoin Morgan
“It has been a little bit frustrating,” Said England Captain Eoin Morgan

Sri Lanka vs England 2018

  • 1st ODI Result – None
  • Match abandoned due to rain
  • 2nd ODI scheduled Saturday
  • Forecast? More rain.

“It has been a little bit frustrating,” Said England Captain Eoin Morgan who quickly realized this was a tad undiplomatic and quickly followed it up with the distinctly on-message “There is plenty of energy in the camp, we’re excited about being here and getting into the series.” Which might have placated locals who had placed 2018 Sri Lanka England ODI series bets only to see them washed away with the rain that beset Dambulla and caused the first ODI to be abandoned.

“We’re hoping to get a full game in for the second match,” Morgan reassured disappointed fans, “Especially with that reserve day.” Which sounds great, except for skipping over the horrifically obvious reality that anyone organizing a cricket match in Sri Lanka during the rainy season is a moron who should lose their job. If you’re Sri Lankan gambling news that those 2018 Sri Lanka England ODI series bets are threaten with being washed out isn’t true, look out a window.

Eoin Morgan
Eoin Morgan

Dambulla Becomes Dampbulla During ODI

Play had barely had time to get into its stride when the rains came. Bairstow had been bowled by Pradeep into the hands of Dickwalla, and Roy had fallen to Dananjaya, and by the fifteenth over the supposedly mighty England side were struggling a little on 92-2. Those 2018 Sri Lanka England ODI series bets on the visitors looking safe enough despite the early faltering, and then the rain came and even the Duckworth Lewis Stern method wasn’t going to give us a real result.

Sri Lanka England 2018 ODI Series

  • England – 1/5
  • Sri Lanka – 7/2

With puddles on the outfield you could have used to host Olympic swimming events and torrential rain still falling (and indeed predicted every day for the next week at least) the umpires inspected the pitch and to no one’s surprise, least of all those who enjoy the odd bet on sports in Sri Lanka, abandoned the match. This allowed many of us to watch our 2018 Sri Lanka England ODI series bets sink without trace, especially as the second ODI is scheduled for Dambulla too.

Place Your Sri Lanka England ODI Series Bets At BetRallyIndia

“If a player scores no runs, takes no wickets and shells all catches that come their way they’ll be dropped.”

Said one somewhat irked pundit, “Strangely, if a cricket administrator arranges fixtures during Sri Lanka’s rainy season I guess they’ll still keep their job.” A sentiment shared by the journalist who commented that the “reserve day” that Morgan had referred to would probably need to be a month instead if they wanted to have any hope of an uninterrupted match.

“We certainly will be fresh.” Morgan had said prior to the first ODI, and that still remains true, although probably because their “freshness” won’t be spoilt by actually having to play cricket or anything. For those that placed some 2018 Sri Lanka England ODI series bets it was massively disappointing to have the rain ruin things, and if you’ve not yet taken advantage of Sri Lankan gambling laws at BetRallyIndia to bet on the ODI series, perhaps just wait for the tests, okay?

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