Royal Baby, Strike Three

Betting on the royal baby

People have already made a custom of betting on the gender of the royal babies… now they’re guessing announcement times.

In a short period of time, Kate Middleton gave birth to two royal babies, George and Charlotte. Naturally, the birth of a royal child always sparks the mobile betting-fan community, so bets are now on.

Bookmakers are trying to calculate the odds of when the Royal couple might announce that Kate Middleton is pregnant with their third baby. So far, this year seems to be out of the question, with odds at 33-1.

Very unlikely, but still possible

Judging from how fast they announced that Charlotte is on her way (almost right after George was born,) it wouldn’t come as such a great shock if the royal couple announced something similar this year. Although, operators of online sportsbooks in the UK think otherwise.

According to the Mirror, bookmakers have come up with odds for 2016 at 6-4 and odds for 2017 at 2-1. With this year soon ending, tension is building within the betting community. The amount of “what if’s” is increasing in those who have placed their bets for 2015. In any case, we can’t wait till the next royal toddler!

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