Rust Gambling Explained – The New CS:GO Skin Roulette

  • You can gamble in and out of the game
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  • Rust gambling explained
Rust Gambling

Rust is an online video game enjoyed by most people. However, just like everything else, gambling finds a way around this game too. If you love gambling and video games, then Rust Gambling might be the best for you. There are two types of Rust gambling available. One is done in-game via in-game currency. However, the other one is made by the community and is generally a Loot Box website. Furthermore, if you are not a fan of Rust or Loot Boxes, then you can always find what suits you by checking the online sportsbook sites in the US.

Rust Gambling As A Phenomenon

Gambling in video games is nothing new because there are several ways people are gambling when playing. For example, whenever a video game features random damage, that itself is a game of chance. If you are wondering why it is popular, then look at it as a piece of art. People who play the game regularly, want to own rare things that others don’t. Because it works the same way as fashion brands or paying for a brand instead of a function. Furthermore, these will stay on the account forever. In our NFT betting guide, we already explained the demand for digital valuables and collectibles.

Rust Gambling In-Game

The first thing to mention is that there is a fortune wheel gambling feature inside of the game. This is a popular topic among the players. However, it does not include real money. According to  Umod this form of rust gambling is a random number generator that gives you rewards.

If you wish to try out this feature in the game, all you have to do is to visit the bandit camp and use the wheel. Therefore, there is no pattern or system to try and figure out or exploit. However, this is only the in-game feature. The out-of-game experience is much more interesting.

Rust Gambling With Loot Boxes

Rust Gambling out of the game can be found in the form of Loot Boxes. Therefore, people may visit online gambling websites. They play roulette the same way they would play online casino games. Except when they are cashing out, they are winning highly valuable in-game collectibles.

Therefore, the point of this website is to pay money to get a chance at winning an extremely rare collectible. These collectibles can be sold to others, or be used to display your rare item. More than often these objects are skins for weapons, which means that they are patterns and colors over a given weapon.

Loot Boxes In Games

This is a game phenomenon that has been creating a great deal of controversy. Because even as you read this, politicians are trying to figure out how to regulate and tax loot boxes. Because on one hand, it is just a normal video game activity that lets you win a random prize. But on the other hand, people spend hundreds of dollars to try and win a digital collective. The issue is further complicated by the fact that children play the game too. And the current age verification system is not too reliable in video games. Rust gambling is no different in this phenomenon. 

The question of loot boxes has been a debate for a long time. Because it is not only external sites allowing these transactions for a game of chance. But any players could buy loot boxes in the most popular games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and any eSports you can find at the sportsbooks.

Rust Gambling Originates From CS: GO

According to Rock Paper Shotgun, the first form of external loot box sites became popular by Counter Strike Global Offensive roulette websites. The thematics to this were pretty much the same. People were able to register and deposit money on a website.

Then they may have bought into roulette games in which they may bet on a number, and win a valuable collectible. To be clear, these collectibles can be worth up to $4 million. Therefore, for many people the chance to win $4 million worth of the usually cheap buy-ins to these roulette games. However, the first forms of CS: GO roulette were most of the time scams.

What Does The Community Think About It?

According to the Reddit community of Rust. The majority of the community dislikes this form of rust gambling. They love the idea of loot boxes for adults, however, they are aware of the weak age verification system. Therefore, if these websites would provide a more strict ID verification system, they would be even more popular. If the governments decide to restrict these websites, then they will either shut down. However, they might create a verification system as Binance did with cryptocurrency. Therefore, this change will dictate whether this will turn into a popular trend or an illegal activity.

Try Betting On Counter-Strike

If you are not a fan of how the Loot Boxes work, you can still try your hand at a more ethical form of eSport betting. Because we have guides that explain how to improve in CS: GO. Furthermore, there are sportsbook sites featuring games such as CS: GO and R6. If you are visiting Bovada Sportsbook, then you will find a betting line on every single upcoming Counter-Strike Global Offensive tournament. Furthermore, if you wish to spend all of your cryptos right now, then Bovada is offering a great Bitcoin deposit bonus. However, if you wish to keep your crypto, you can still use pretty much any currency in the USA.

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