Sandhagen vs Dillashaw Predictions Surprised Some Fans

  • The UFC did not grant Dillashaw a free shot at the title
  • Some fans are underestimating Sandhagen
  • The odds are close but slightly favor the Sandman

Sandhagen vs Dillashaw predictions and odds slightly surprised some of the fans in the MMA world. Regardless, fans are excited to see Dillashaw compete again after a 2-year suspension. The UFC announced that the bantamweight bout will happen on May 8 at the Apex facility. The winner of this fight will most likely get his shot at the title in his next bout. So, who should you bet on to win?

No Immediate Title Shot for Dillashaw

File:Cory Sandhagen at UFC Fight Night 143.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Cory Sandhagen – MMAnytt, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

After suspension for using the banned substance EPO in January 2019, Dillashaw is making a comeback in May of 2021. Since Dillashaw was the bantamweight champion before the suspension, there were talks of the UFC granting him an immediate shot at the belt. However, with the dissatisfaction of fans, it seems that the UFC decided to take another route. As a result, Dillashaw is making his comeback against Sandhagen for the number 1 contender spot. If he wins this fight, then the former champion will certainly get the chance to regain what belonged to him. However, Sandhagen vs Dillashaw predictions are currently not his favor. Some fans are skeptical about his previous performances since he got caught for cheating. Additionally, the 2-year layoff will certainly play a big factor in this fight. On the other hand, his loyal fans are optimistic and downplaying Sandhagen.

Sandhagen vs Dillashaw Predictions – Do not Underestimate the Sandman

Cory Sandhagen is one of the top rising talents in the bantamweight division. With a record of 14 wins and 2 losses, the Sandman currently sits in the number 2 spot of the UFC bantamweight division rankings. Having an undefeated kickboxing career, Sandhagen is one of the best strikers in the division, and he proved that with his latest KO victory over Frankie Edgar. Therefore, he definitely has a slight advantage going into his next bout against the former champion. As a result, bookies and online sportsbook sites in the United States favor him in their Sandhagen vs Dillashaw predictions. For instance, the betting odds for Sandhagen to win at 22BET Sportsbook are 1.625, while the odds for Dillashaw to win 2.392. With the 2-year layoff Dillashaw has had, he is not a safe option to bet on.

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