Mobile Sports Betting in New York – Approved!

  • So far, you could only place bets in upstate casinos in the state of New York
  • This is about to change: mobile sports betting is approved in New York
  • What made the new legislation come to life?
Mobile Sports Betting in New York

In the United States of America, every state has its own legislation and ruling when it comes to gambling. This is why the regulations differ from state to state. While some states have a long history with wagering, some of them are stricter about it. We cannot say that New York is one of the latter, but they surely have some restrictions. This is why it is a big step that gambling supporters made it: mobile sports betting in New York just became legal.

For lawmakers and the governor of New York state, the last several months were all about suggestions going back-and-forth. They have been trying to figure out the most effective way to launch mobile sports betting in New York. And now it is for sure: it was worth all the work. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the budget for the 2022 fiscal year. The budget – among many other aspects – included the legalization of mobile sports betting. By this, they hope to generate bigger incomes in taxes. Well, soon we will see if bettors of the state can live up to their assignment!

Legal gambling in New York

The Online United States Casinos goes into details about gambling opportunities in the Empire State. ”The New York Constitution only permits forms of gambling that are specifically legalized by voters. Other than that, New York gambling laws state that games of chance are illegal. (…) New York gambling laws forbid sports pools and games determined by a material degree of chance. This is the language that daily fantasy sports sites are fighting. (…) The New York Constitution permits state lotteries, live horse racing, off-track betting, Native American casinos, and racinos. In 2013, voters approved the addition of seven resort New York casinos” And the new regulations give one more option to wagers. They will not have to travel to casinos to place sports bets anymore. They will be able to do that on online sportsbooks in the US. All thanks to mobile sports betting legalization in New York!

Mobile Sports Betting in New York
Mobile gaming is liberated!

Refusal and approval

Reaching an agreement on the topic was not easy. First, Gov. Cuomo opposed this kind of expansion. He did not want to give competition for the state’s land-based casinos that are already in a difficult position. (This could be fair thinking, since online gambling sites in the US, such as Bovada are becoming more popular than ever.) It was in January, that Cuomo first mentioned mobile sports betting legalization in New York as an option. Eventually, it was at the beginning of April that he made his plans official. However, there are still many questionable details on the topic. Like: who will run the operation? This is something that the future holds. Or: what made him change his mind? Keep on reading to find out!

Mobile sports betting in New York – Approved!

As we mentioned above, the state already allows sports betting at upstate casinos. But those residents who live closer to NYC and did not want to travel much to place some bets did not have a convenient option. Now, this seems to be a problem solved. Governor Cuomo announced his budget for the 2022 fiscal year, which made it clear: mobile sports betting will be legalized. One of his reasons must be that this will generate bigger tax revenue. And that is something that will help pay for the 212 billion dollars spending agenda. Another reason could be the push from many lawmakers in the legislature. At the end of last year, they started to promote the idea of making mobile sports betting legal. Besides, it is great news for online sportsbook sites in the US, like Bovada, which can break into a whole new territory. The when is still a question, but it will be sometime after July 31, 2021.

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