Rege-Jean Page James Bond Predictions – Will Odds be Slashed?

  • The next movie is Daniel Craig's last as James Bond
  • James Bond predictions show Rege-Jean Page stands a fair chance
  • Who else is in the run?
Rege-Jean Page James Bond Predictions

Choosing a new James Bond is always a huge deal for the entertainment business – and bookmakers and gamblers as well. It is a character that has already had some of the greatest actors, and it is a huge honor to be offered to. So, there are already many guesses considering the next one. Right now, it is Rege-Jean Page around whom many James Bond predictions arose.

Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, George Lazenby, and Sean Connery: they were the former – and Craig is the present – actors to play the most famous agent of all time. We can all agree: it is a remarkable team to be a part of! However, Craig feels like he had enough fun being James Bond, so the next movie will be his last with the character. Ever since this news became official, the whole world is more than excited about it! The new James Bond predictions are all over the online gambling news sites in the US, and one of the most popular names is Rege-Jean Page. And now, it looks like he has more chances than ever.

Who is Rege-Jean Page?

The 31-year-old British actor has been in the industry since 2004. However, his latest roles were the ones that brought him more attention. Or as to say: the attention he deserves. He is famous for his role in the 2016 miniseries, Roots, in which he had the role of Chicken George. He was also a regular cast member of ABC’s popular legal drama, For the People between 2018 and 2019. And the role that opened the most doors for him was probably that of Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings. He gained world fame with the Netflix period drama, Bridgeton. As for now, he is making two movies: The Gray Man and Dungeons & Dragons. In the latter plays the main role. And according to bookmakers on Betway and other online sportsbook sites in the US, Rege-Jean Page is also in the predictions to impersonate the new James Bond.

Rege-Jean Page James Bond Predictions
Shaken, not stirred!

Rege-Jean Page James Bond predictions

Ever since Daniel Craig stated that after the next James Bond movie (No Time to Die, 2021.) he resigns from the post, there have been a few names around on the matter. They already mentioned Rege-Jean Page, Tom Hardy, James Norton, Henry Cavill, Sam Heughan, Idris Elba, and even an actress, Lashana Lynch got mentioned. So far, Rege-Jean Page was among the frontrunners, but something has changed that could pump his odds up. Lately, the actor and Netflix confirmed that Page will not return to their famous show, Bridgerton for the 2nd season. In a social media statement, he wrote: “It’s been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to be your Duke. Joining this family – not just on-screen, but off-screen too (…) Our incredibly creative and generous cast, crew, outstanding fans – it’s all been beyond anything I could have imagined. The love is real and will just keep growing.”

Rege-Jean Page James Bond Predictions
Bet on Bond!

Fans were, of course, left broken-hearted, since Page was the lead heartthrob in the show. But bookmakers reacted otherwise. They are more confident than ever, that Page will be the new impersonator of the 007 agent. You can already see the odds yourself on online sportsbooks in the US, such as Betway.

Coming up…

As usual, Hollywood likes to keep its secrets until the last second. Of course, since this way, the thrill can get bigger with every day! As such, Rege-Jean Page is kept tight-lipped about his future plans, even about the predictions about him being the next James Bond. Or especially about that! However, the talented actor has already proven that he can handle great roles. All in all, he does stand a fair chance to get this amazing opportunity.

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