Should You Bet On A White Christmas In The UK This Year?

Posted: October 25, 2017

Updated: November 11, 2017

The holidays now bear down upon us like an aggressive rhino on PCP charging the Landrover of life and whilst we all get into a flap about making sure Great Aunty Esmerelda gets the perfect gift and there’s enough turkey on the table to feed a platoon come the big day the world of gambling has it’s own traditions for the festive season and one of them is a bet on a White Christmas in the UK where nothing about meteorology is certain.


  • Should you bet on a White Christmas in London at 6/1?
  • Will Newcastle airport see snow or are those 3/1 odds too short?
  • Is 2/1 chance Edinburgh the best bet on a White Christmas?
  • Could Aberdeen beat its 7/4 chances and be snow free this Xmas morning?


Depending where you go we British have several reputations, none of them particularly pleasant. Go to India and we’re the former colonial power that did so much damage to the nation, if you travel to Spain the Brits are the most drunken and loutish of tourists, and if you pitch up in the US you’ll find we’re all a bunch of pinkos with faggy accents regardless of our politics. But there is one trait that seems universally acknowledged and that is symbolized by our placing a bet on a White Christmas each year.

Bet on a White Christmas in 2017

It is often said that most countries have a climate and Britain just has weather. The changeability of conditions have rendered weather forecasters, these days really quite accurate in their predictions, with a traditional but now erroneous reputation for professional incompetence that would make even Donald Trump wince. However it is precisely this complete lack of certainty that entices hoards of British denizens to take advantage of the liberal UK gambling laws to bet on a White Christmas each year.

Most Have A Climate, The British Just Have Weather

Bet on a White Christmas in the UK back in 1941 and you were hoping Bing Crosby would take your mind of the next Luftwaffe raid, these days it’s taken just a little more seriously. Gone are the days when the official result was announced after an inspection of the Air Ministry roof in London, this is partly because there is no more Air Ministry, but mostly because climate change has made a bet on a White Christmas at online bookies like BetVictor require just a bit more regionally specificity.

Bet on a White Christmas in 2017

Adastral House might no longer be involved but a tenuous connection to when the Met Office was part of the Air Ministry still remains with any modern day bet on a White Christmas at BetVictor et al settled by the observations recorded at the nearest regional airport. So if you like to bet on sports in the UK but fancy a festive change this winter all you need do is choose an airport you feel will see snow this Xmas morning and shove a few quid on it, but which are most likely to see a White Christmas?

Bet On A White Christmas In The UK At Sites Like BetVictor

Bet On A White Christmas
London – 6/1
Bradford – 6/1
Cardiff – 6/1
Birmingham – 6/1
Manchester – 5/1
Liverpool – 5/1
Belfast – 4/1
Newcastle – 3/1
Dundee – 3/1
Glasgow – 2/1
Edinburgh – 2/1
Aberdeen – 7/4

For those beyond the boundaries of blighty a good rule of thumb is the further north the airport the more likely it is to register as having had a White Christmas. This is why whilst London, Leeds, Cardiff and Birmingham only garner 6/1 odds, the furthest north only being in the Midlands, and if you place a bet on a White Christmas occurring in Dublin or Liverpool you’ll get a slightly better 5/1 chance at sites like BetVictor, however for a far more likely chance to pick a winner it’s Scotland on which to focus.


Any bet on a White Christmas hinging on Belfast might get 4/1 and Newcastle 3/1 (which is really quite tempting given the weather extremes we’ve seen of late) it is probably Glasgow and Edinburgh that will attract a lot of interest at just 2/1 on sites like BetVictor although it is actually Aberdeen that leads the odds at a scant 7/4. Of course anyone in the UK gambling news of snow in Scotland in winter will make the headlines is mad, which is why much of the smart money is on that 6/1 London shot.

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