Spanish Lottery Win Brings Trouble to Over 300 Mayors

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Gift of shares in a winning ticket in Spanish well-known El Gordo Christmas lottery became a source of conflict, regarding who is entitled to the money.

The huge argument was caused by Vicente Producciones Artísticas, local fiestas organizer, which did not suspect anything in the beginning.

At the end of 2013 they gave out Christmas packages to their clients, as some of them were mayors of more than 300 municipalities and areas. They received a calendar and a few small shares of ticket for El Gordo, the “Fat One” Christmas lottery.

What used to be just a common gift in Spain, created huge gambling news recently, as this year’s ticket was the winner with a total prize of EUR 5 million. Therefore, most of the mayors received at least EUR 5,000, but the rumors say the actual winnings were much more.

Different mayors expressed various opinions for the ownership of the money

Julio Espinosa, mayor of Ruerrero said: “All of it will be for my village”. He promised that the amount of EUR 12,500 he received will be used for local fiestas and supporting the elderly residents.

On the contrary, Fernando Fernández, mayor of Valderredible, said that each mayor was free to do “whatever they want to do” with the winning. Not surprisingly, this comment made everyone think that he is planning on keeping it all for himself.

These were not the only examples of different approach towards the prize, therefore due to lack of clarity in Spanish gambling laws, the matter was taken to the public prosecutor. The hopes are that the authorities will be able to take the best decision satisfying all parts of the contradictory winning case.

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