Euro 2020

Take A Punt With The Odds On Euro 2020 The Underdogs Get

  • Scotland And Wales Both Qualified But With Little Chance
  • Discover All The Odds On Euro 2020 You Need At Bet365 
  • Finland, Hungary And North Macedonia Get Longest Odds
Odds On Euro 2020
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There is, inside every gambler, a romantic. So there’s always something a little special, and attractive, about a long shot. When qualifying for the tournament was beyond your expectations, winning it is a pipe dream. Still, that doesn’t mean a punt on one of the underdogs can’t be a lot of fun. It’s football. Anything could happen with these sides. They have big dreams and at their odds on Euro 2020 one need not stake much at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365. 

Yes, the Euro 2020 finals will be in 2021. Well done. Very amusing. The rescheduling, however, doesn’t affect the football. You’ll see much the same sides as you would have this year, playing much the same game. For some, like England, this will be quite disappointing as they’ve not really been on form. For others, however, it’ll be the continuation of a dream. Not every team thinks they’ll qualify, the odds on Euro 2020 they get demonstrating they’ve already hit their peak possibility.

So, as with any contest, there are favorites, and there are underdogs. A bet on the Euro 2020 favorites will get you prices ranging from 11/2 on Belgium to 12/1 on Portugal. The longer odds on Euro 2020 can be far more rewarding. North Macedonia, for instance, gets a cool 500/1 to win. Do they have hope? No, not really. They’re quite fortunate to have qualified at all. However, for fun you can still take advantage of UK gambling laws to back them winning just in case.    

North Macedonia & Finland Are 500/1 To Win

Bet365 will also give you odds on Finland at the same price. If a bet on North Macedonia doesn’t appeal, perhaps backing the Finns will. They get the same 500/1 and have the same hope. None. Sure, they recently managed a win against a bizarrely toothless France, but that’s just a blip. In the tournament, they’ll face local rivals Denmark as well as Belgium (the favorites) and Russia. Their odds on Euro 2020 are entirely fair enough. So, alas, are the odds on Hungary at Euro 2020. 

Bet On Euro 2020 Longshots

  • North Macedonia – 500/1
  • Finland – 500/1
  • Hungary – 250/1
  • Scotland – 150/1
  • Slovakia – 150/1
  • Czech Republic – 150/1
  • Austria – 100/1
  • Sweden – 100/1
  • Turkey – 100/1
  • Wales – 100/1
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Hungary gets 250/1 odds on Euro 2020, and that’s probably about right. Facing Portugal, France, and Germany in the group stage will be no picnic. Getting to the last 16 will be a massive challenge, but, of course, stranger things have happened. Scotland qualified for a start. They get 150/1 at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 and have about as much hope as Hungary. This matches the prices the bookies give Slovakia but oddly are longer than those on Wales.

Odds On Euro 2020
Hungary is a great pick for the 2020 Euros because they have a shitload of stadiums – Image source: Globglob, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Find All The Odds On Euro 2020 At Bet365

Okay, so perhaps it’s not that odd. The odds on Euro 2020 are going to give Wales slightly more chance because Wales has Gareth Bale. A superb player he’s more than capable of scoring goals if the rest of the team hold firm behind him. Unfortunately, against some of this opposition, that won’t be so easy. Scotland may face England, but Wales squares off with Italy, Switzerland, and Turkey. These won’t be games just one man can win, even if he’s as good as Gareth Bale is.

Odds On Euro 2020 Favorites

  • Portugal – 12/1
  • Netherlands – 7/1
  • Spain – 7/1
  • Germany – 7/1
  • France – 11/2
  • England – 11/2
  • Belgium – 11/2


Wales might have the best chance of the longshots to make it to the last 16, but that isn’t saying much. Indeed as a bet on sports in the UK a bet on Wales managing that could be a fun little wager at the odds on Euro 2020 they get. However, when it comes to picking a winner from amongst the underdogs it’s perhaps Sweden at 100/1 that tempts most. They can be surprisingly tenacious. In a tournament like this, that could be all that one needs to win, even against giants.

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We take a look at the odds on Euro 2020 and take a look at some of the underdogs’ chances in this rescheduled tournament.

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