Ted Cruz Interview About Gambling – Talking To Asmongold

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Ted Cruz Interview About Gambling

On Jun 18, 2022, Ted Cruz’s interview about gambling happened on the latest podcast of The Verdict. Therefore, they have talked about the latest problem which started with the XQC gambling stream. Because the famous Twitch streamer Asmongold has voiced his goal to get loot boxes banned from video games. According to him, he wants to make this video game function illegal for the safety of children. However, he did not expect Texas Senator Ted Cruz to answer his questions.

Furthermore, he is open to meeting Asmongold and talking about his opinions and views to receive a professional standpoint. Keep in mind that they only want to ban loot boxes. Because other gambling mechanisms are completely fine for adults. This is why you should try to register at online casino sites in the US instead.

Ted Cruz Interview About Gambling

According to PC Gamer, Ted Cruz is interested in talking about gambling in video games with Asmongold. Therefore, the American Senator of the State of Texas is going to meet one of the biggest Twitch streamers of all time. Because they have a shared goal about the loot box crisis that plagues the video game industry. We are going to summarize the problem with loot boxes. However, it is important to explain that Asmongold has no political intentions with this motion.

Because his goal is to protect children from gambling mechanisms in paid video games. Therefore, this is not about the fight between the Democrats or the Republicans. Furthermore, the Ted Cruz interview about gambling will take place after the senator’s elections. Because the Senator is busy with the ongoing veteran healthcare saga. To play ethical gambling, register at Club World Casino for 300% up to $3000.

The Loot Box Problem Again

We have already written several articles about Loot boxes. However, it is not only the Ted Cruz interview about gambling that debates the matter. Because the United Kingdom Government has stated to not ban loot boxes but demands the video game industry self-regulate. Furthermore, countries such as Spain and the Netherlands will ban this feature. Therefore, games that have loot boxes will not be able to sell to the citizens of the country. However, the United States is a different case.

Because they have a much larger senate to enter the debate. In conclusion, the loot boxes in video games are unhealthy. Because the target audience for these games is children. Therefore, the video game seeks to exploit children to sell them randomized items for their money. By hiring psychologists to make these mechanics as addictive as they can be.

Asmongold And Ted Cruz Interview About Gambling

The famous Twitch streamer has expressed his intention to have these mechanics banned. Because his interest peaked in the topic with the Asmongold gambling scandal. However, the latest Blizzard mobile game release, Diablo Immortal, has ignited the anger of fans.

Because the game highly revolves around gambling mechanisms and microtransactions. Therefore, the Ted Cruz interview about gambling revealed his interest in debating the topic with him. 

However, it turns out that Ted Cruz himself speaks from experience about paying for advantages and loot boxes in these games. Because he said that it is okay to pay $20 to get advantages sometimes. However, the problem comes when this is marketed to kids. 

XQC Thinks Twitch Will Never Ban Gambling Content

According to Gambling News, another prominent streamer Félix Lengyel, XQC believes that gambling is never going to disappear from platforms such as Twitch. However, even he did not know that there are markets where loot boxes are not considered gambling. Therefore, the Ted Cruz interview about gambling was not the first to debate this topic. 

The Netherlands has recently unbanned loot boxes, but they are already planning to re-introduce another ban. Many people would believe that this issue is only common among platform streamers and gamers. However, in reality, the most serious governors are debating the topic. Because this falls under child protection, and not video game user experience.

Streamers Are The Best Influencers

The reason why the Ted Cruz interview about gambling happened, is because streamers are the most important influences. Therefore, the times when these streamers were just kids sitting in their rooms are over. Because these politicians do not have the time to invest in the increasingly large virtual space. This is why streamers are the best influencers to talk with. It turns out that Asmongold and Ted Cruz see eye to eye about the matter.

Because the Senator has experience with these games himself. However, Asmongold is a person every kid and adult goes to watch within the gaming community. This is why he is the perfect person to ask about this legislative matter. Furthermore, Asmongold stated that this is not about promoting anyone. Because he only cares about what contributes to the goal.

Will The Ted Cruz Interview About Gambling Happen?

According to Dot Esports, Asmongold answered negative people about the topic. Because many of his followers think that the Ted Cruz interview about gambling is a waste of time. However, people asked him to not give a platform to Ted Cruz. But he understands that it works the other way around. Because outside of the online space, Ted Cruz is not in the need of a Twitch streamer. Furthermore, he says that the interview will result in nothing. Then the next person will have a reference to pick up from.

Because in the end, loot boxes will be banned if people such as Ted Cruz support the cause. Furthermore, every single conversation about the topic gives a path for legislation. Because in the end, they do it to protect children. Adults can enjoy gambling outside of video games. For example, you can register at Club World Casino.

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