Tender Coconut Selling Gambler Killed In India by “Friends”

Tender Coconut Selling Gambler Killed In India by “Friends”

In a lamentable instance of violence the small city of Salem in the Tamil Nadu region saw another gambler killed in India when a young man’s dispute with a group described as “his friends” turned nasty over a game of marbles used by the group to gamble. Is this just another crime or are Indian gambling laws creating a lack of safety for gamblers that is costing people their lives? We take a look.

Gambler Killed In India

  • 31 year old male in Salem, India
  • Dispute over game of marbles for money
  • Head crushed with a rock
  • “Friends” ran away after assault

The thirty one year old could often be seen in his neighborhood playing marbles for money, most weekends the seller of tender coconuts was part of the games near the banks of the Sarabanga, however in a shocking crime that would worry even the most hardened in a casino in India, he was to be the next gambler to be killed in India when he got into a dispute with his fellow players and ended up with his head crushed by a rock in the melee that followed. His “friends” then absconded, according to police.

Will Gopal Be The Last Gambler Killed In India?

Sadly for the lack of a legal poker room in India nearby, or a casino or even just legal access to the now ubiquitous world of internet gambling, this poor man died. If regulation were brought in around Chennai as with other regions, and online gambling in India were opened up to a proper legal review process, perhaps the back alley game that ended Gopal’s life wouldn’t exist at all. Do we really need another gambler killed in India before this becomes obvious? And if not just how many will it take?

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