The Odds On The US Presidential Election That May Not Count

Posted: July 20, 2020

Updated: July 20, 2020

  • President Refuses To Promise To Abide By November Election
  • Find All The Odds In The US Presidential Election At Bovada
  • American Democracy Faces Unprecedented Challenge In 2020 
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On the face of it this is an open and shut case. Biden is increasing his lead over Donald Trump whilst expending little energy to do so. At this rate his win in November will be a landslide. Donald will just be another one-term president, as much a victim of circumstance as his own failings. However whilst online betting sites in the US like Bovada give Biden better odds in the US Presidential Election, some democrats are worrying the President might just ignore the result.

I have to see.” Donald Trump said evenly when asked if he could assure people he would abide by the election results. “I have to see. No, I’m not going to just say yes. I’m not going to say no.” Which is somewhat alarming. “And I didn’t last time.” Added the President for good measure. In 2020, the President believes, the election results are just a suggestion. Not a cornerstone of democracy or anything important. Which is one reason his odds in the US Presidential Election are so dire.

Americans are fiercely proud of their democracy. Despite all the other issues US citizens have at present none of them will distract from any threat to that democracy. Presidents can’t ignore election results. The US is not a banana republic. The odds in the US Presidential Election might not favor Trump, but he’s just talking a good game. He’d claim the bookies like Bovada, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the US, are basing their numbers on Fake polls. A familiar refrain. 

Joe Biden’s Odds In The US Presidential Election Dip  

The worry Democrats have is; What if he’s not just talking about this, but actually has it in mind as a way to retain power? There will be lots of postal votes this election, more than ever before due to ongoing health crisis. The results could take a while to come in. If on that night in November Trump claims victory with some results still to arrive, what could be done? It would not only upset the odds in the US Presidential Election but set a very dangerous precedent. 

US Presidential Election Odds

  • Donald Trump – 3/2
  • Joe Biden – 4/7

This would only be exacerbated if the President started to claim postal votes weren’t legitimate. The fact it doesn’t sound beyond the realms of possibility that he might is what has democrats worried. This could be the most hard fought election in US history, and the candidates odds in the US Presidential Election seem almost arbitrary in face of that. Anyone in the US gambling laws of the land will come out of this unscathed are optimistic. This is going to leave a scar either way. 

Odds On The US Presidential Election
Widened Trump in action – Image source: Flickr

Bet On Trump To Pull Off A Win At Bovada

Obviously, the bookies are aware of the risks. So is everyone else. One way or another some people are going to be disappointed and in such a polarized nation that could be dangerous. There are already riots on the streets and a health crisis. Things could get ugly. The odds in the US Presidential Election might not mean much if the President is calling the result fake. Even merely insinuating it could cause uproar. Does anyone want to bet on US politics being able to resist this flashpoint?

2020 US Election Bets

  • Trump To Lose Pop. Vote But Be Re-Elected – 5/2
  • Trump To Get 50%-55% Popular Vote – 6/1
  • Trump To Cease Being President In 2025 – 2/1
  • Republicans To Win Under 50 Senate Seats – 4/6

Joe Biden currently gets 4/7 to take the White House with the President trailing at 3/2. This doesn’t mean the election is done and dusted just yet, but it’s close. Typically, the odds in the US Presidential Election are fairly accurate. Well, except last time. Still, since a bet on sports in the US is still a way away, this could be the contest to take its place. Just remember, a bet on Joe Biden might look sensible, but what happens in November could be anything but as smart.

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We take a look at why the odds in the US Presidential Election could be irrelevant as President fails to assure abiding by-poll result in November. 

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